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2007-07-19 18:00:00

Keep It Simple with Online Commercial Property Analysis Tools

K.I.S.C.L. Inc. has  launched an online commercial real estate investment evaluation system. The system allows investors to quickly evaluate commercial real estate loans online at

Founded by seasoned commercial real estate professionals on the premise that lenders should Keep Input Simple in Commercial Lending, K.I.S.C.L. Inc. is revolutionizing the loan evaluation process. The online tools at are the product of decades in the industry and significantly cut the time spent in the commercial real estate loan evaluation process. offers simple property analysis tools that allow commercial real estate investors to quickly evaluate the ROI of a deal and route their loan request to lenders, appraisers and other stake holders in the deal.

"We wanted to eliminate the wasted time," said Lee O'Donnell, CEO of K.I.S.C.L. "Underwriting, appraisals and bank negotiations can take two weeks or more -= time which could be spent evaluating a better deal. K.I.S.C.L. is the path of least resistance with the highest level of closing probability."

"This new online version of our proven commercial loan origination tools finally allows us to share this unique system with anyone with a computer," said Bill Marti, CFO.

"Best of all, for multi-family investment properties, 5 units and up, evaluation is free," said Chris McLean, a Partner and Commercial Loan Consultant.

About K.I.S.C.L. Inc.

Keep Input Simple Commercial Loans was started to help real estate professionals, investors, mortgage brokers and lenders analyze commercial real estate on the front-end of a deal to find whether or not there is profit.

Available online today at, K.I.S.C.L. (Keep Input Simple Commercial Loans) is available for any commercial real estate investor or anyone considering an investment.

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