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2011-05-25 16:15:50

Joplin, MO

Richard Mendenhall , Interim CEO of Missouri Association of REALTORS® and past president of the National Association of REALTORS® is in Joplin, MO.  He has been kind enough to send a few updates about what's going on from his front row seat.  Have a look:

Sent: May-25-11 6:14 AM
Subject: Please

The thunder and lightning seem endless. Since midnight it explodes in our ears like mortar shells being fired again and again! And then the rain begins to roar. As it fades we feel hope but it comes back Pounding and pounding until we are numb. And then the words come twittering across the naked night that the Realtors in Joplin have discovered four more of their own have lost their homes last Sunday. The count is now twenty four homeless, one dead and seven still missing. When will it stop? When will it stop?

As we sit safely in our homes our sirens are silent but in Joplin it is not so. In their third night of torture the sirens screamed at them again searing their minds into an unspeakable rawness. But on this night the black twisting monster did not appear again. Can they feel hope? We can only pray! Please let it stop for them. Please let them find peace! Please let it be over for them! Please let the new dawn begin and begin today!

Please! Please! I feel no shame as I plead the words for them again and again - please help our REALTOR® family members rebuild their lives, rebuild their hopes, and rebuild their HOMES. Give them a dime. Give them a dollar! Give them a donation

Truly for them,

Richard Mendenhall, Interim CEO
Missouri Association of REALTORS®


Sent: May-23-11 7:50 PM
Subject: Joplin Update 8pm Monday May 23

I just got off the phone with Kim Cox, the association executive for Ozark Gateway Association of Realtors (Joplin Area). It is hard to explain all that she told me emotionally. For one she cannot believe how well the Realtors are pulling together down there. She said they are helping everyone everywhere.

This is what she knows at this hour.

7 Realtors are missing and their families are searching for them. The rescue squads are now quickly training civilians and Realtors to look for bodies they are so overwhelmed.

14 Realtors have lost their homes completely and they don't know if that is all.

2 of Kim's staff people have lost their homes completely. Kim's father lost his company totally. Kim's mother cleaned houses for people and every single house she had as a customer is totally gone.

They are hoping to set up a HQ at the board office if they can get power back etc by Wednesday but right now they have no power or light.

They are still trying to identify how many Realtor offices were leveled.

Kim truly asked us at MAR to respond to all the state AE's who have called. She is so appreciative of all the calls and concerns but right now she is completely overwhelmed and cannot get back to everyone. I will make sure they see this email in addition to our blast email that goes out tonight thru the NAR email system. The blast email will tell Missouri Realtors where they can donate etc.

So far we know that Columbia Board is sending shoes which was their first request. Jefferson City Board of Realtors has sent water. Bagnell Dam Board has sent a trailer load of miscellaneous items in a care package.

We talked about a number of things that we might be able to do including sending Realtors down there and tomorrow Kim's board of directors will meet and think thru how Realtors can help the most from around the state. Maybe by money and maybe by other things including assistance. She will get back to me and I will keep all of you posted.

Just say a prayer tonight and if you don't pray then send your best vibrations to our fellow Realtors tonight.


Richard Mendenhall, Interim CEO
Missouri Association of REALTORS

Here is the link if you would like to donate to the relief fund set up by the Missouri Association of REALTORS®


Our hearts go out to all those affected by these storms.

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