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2008-07-07 21:39:23

'It’s Like VoIP on Steroids'

That’s what Drew, a current customer, told us recently, at a conference, about SmartVoice, just before he asked us why we didn’t post an article to explain to other broker owners how  SmartVoice surpasses traditional VoIP in features and performance. “Better service, lower price,” Drew said. “It’s a no-brainer.”

Just then, as if on cue, two brokers (not customers . . .  yet) walked by, talking about the price of gasoline, oil heat and various capital expenses, both racking their brains to figure out how they could save money and still enjoy quality and choices.
Between Drew and the two anonymous brokers, we agreed an explanatory article was due. We offer answers to the four questions we receive the most:
What Is SmartVoice?
SmartVoice is line replacement for small businesses with a much lower pricetag and much better quality. In fact, SmartVoice is euphemistically referred to as “smart choice” because you can save up to 50% over traditional phone service every month and simultaneously receive crystal-clear sound quality.
A digital phone service, SmartVoice replaces your current local and long-distance telephone service, but lets you keep using your current phone equipment and current telephone numbers.
You select how many phone lines (minimum is four) for each office location, how many toll-free and local numbers, and the type of phone numbers you want (basic, basic with voicemail, follow-me number with voicemail, fax, automated or conferencing).
SmartVoice essentially removes the cost of using the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to make telephone calls. Plus, the savings are multi-faceted.
  • No capital costs
  •  No maintenance expenses
  • No management expenses
  •  Predictable, low operating expense
With SmartVoice’s high-quality broadband connection, you don’t have to worry about your phone calls getting blocked or slowing down due to heavy traffic on the LAN, unlike other VoIP services. And, unlike old-school VoIP services, SmartVoice.
  • Is not carried over the Internet 
  •  Does not share space with data traffic (Does not mix voice and data)
  •  Requires NO new phone equipment
  •  Provides crystal-clear sound quality
  •  Delivers an iron-clad guarantee for the life of your service
SmartVoice is brought to you by OneCall, headquartered in Boston, and is powered by AccessLine Communications, headquartered in Seattle. OneCall brings together specialized telecommunication services for the real estate industry, and AccessLine provides managed voice services to Fortune 1000 companies and telecommunications partners, including IBM, Sun Microsystems, American Express, PeopleSoft, and many more.
How Does SmartVoice Work?
SmartVoice replaces your existing telephone lines with a VoIP-like alternative, but allows you to keep using your current phone equipment. You select the number of office locations, number of phone lines and types of phone numbers.
You do not have to make any physical changes to your office or equipment. OneCall/Accessline arranges to install (and maintain) two small pieces of equipment into each of your offices: (1) a VoIP gateway which connects to your existing phone system; and (2) a broadband device which links to a voice circuit (also installed as part of the SmartVoice Service), which is dedicated to your voice traffic. (There is no need to change or reconfigure your email and ISP service). Both pieces of equipment generally can be installed in a short amount of time; all the while, you continue business as usual.
Also, SmartVoice is easy to manage. SmartVoice was developed with the awareness that you want to focus on what you communicate, not how you communicate it. Therefore, with SmartVoice the how is managed easily and naturally while you conduct work, allowing you to focus on the real reason you are in business:
  • Administrator - Your company designates an administrator to manage your service. This administrator can contact AccessLine at any time. With one quick phone call, the administrator can have updates made to phone numbers, lines, hunt groups, extensions and a range of other features quickly and easily. An online web tool will also be available to your administrator.
  • Customer Service – AccessLine’s award-winning Customer Service Group supports more than 100,000 businesses just like yours, ranging from small, entrepreneurial companies to major enterprises such as IBM and Sun Microsystems.
  • Employees – Employees can use a convenient online tool to manage voicemail, faxes and options for Call Forwarding and Call Screening.
  • Billing - Detailed billing information is included in the monthly bill. The call detail provided on the bill lets you see every inbound and outbound call. The added bonus to tracking inbound calls to individual numbers is that you receive the ability to gauge response to sales promotions and analyze your market efforts.
SmartVoice is offered in several distinct packages to give your business the savings and value you seek.
What Features Are Available With SmartVoice?
Examples of features include (but are not limited to)
  •  Local Dial-tone
  • Long-Distance Calling
  • Toll-free
  • International Long Distance
  • Local Number Transfer
  • E911
  • Emergency re-routing of calls
  • Much more!
A bundle of enhanced features can be added on too:
  • Fax Management
  • Follow-Me Mobility Numbers
  • Voicemail
  • Group messaging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call screening
  • Conference Calling
  • Automated Attendant
  • Voice VPN (Free calling between offices)
  • Much more!
How Do I Get Started?
Just call 1-877-UNIFY-ME and OneCall will answer any questions and get you going.  You will have to provide, confidentially, this information.
  • A designated service administrator’s name, phone number, and e-mail address
  • Number of offices and office locations
  • Precise emergency location address of each office for purposes of 911 response
  • Signed acknowledgement of 911 notification
  • Name, address, and phone number of your phone system maintenance vendor
  • Number of lines per office location
  • Types of phone numbers needed
  • Name and model of existing phone equipment
  • Billing option (credit card or monthly invoice)
  • List of any of your existing local and toll-free telephone numbers that you want to continue to use with the new service

(Debra Traverso is the author of hundreds of articles and five books, published in eight languages, a speaker, marketing consultant for Fortune 50 companies, regular lecturer at Harvard University, and vice president of OneCall. She can be reached through .)

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