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2007-08-23 08:48:00

Interactive Media Council honors iiProperty and the Rentometer

Investment Instruments Corporation (IIC), a company devoted to increasing transparency in the real estate rental market, announced today that it swept the real estate categories in the Interactive Media Awards for web site design excellence. Investment Instruments’iiProperty won for "Outstanding Achievement" while the Rentometer took home "Best in Class."

“Our primary goal at Investment Instruments is making it simple to find and use complex real estate data,” said Allison Atsiknoudas, CEO of Investment Instruments. “It is immensely satisfying to be recognized by our peers for making that a reality and we are looking forward to providing increasingly accurate real estate data and tools to this market.”

iiProperty provides the market’s only set of online property management tools, specifically for real estate investors and managers with portfolios of fewer than 50 units. These dynamic, online tools use real-time data and easy-to-use dashboards to help real estate investors track their investments and gain a better understanding of the current state of their finances.

The Rentometer is IIC’s flagship tool for tenants and owners. The free site analyzes local rents, tenants’ rent rates and owners’ proposed rent rates with actual local market rates. Users can enter basic information about a rental to receive an analysis of how the price compares to others in the neighborhood.

The Interactive Media Awards are sponsored by the Interactive Media Council (IMC), a nonprofit organization of web designers, developers and other web-related professionals. The award was developed in order to better recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and showcase these individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement. Each year the IMC presents the Interactive Media Awards honoring a wide variety of categories and industries.

About Investment Instruments Corporation

Investment Instruments Corporation (IIC) offers the unique property management tools iiProperty and the Rentometer that increase transparency in the residential real estate market to strengthen relationships between real estate managers, their tenants and the professionals who support them. IIC was founded by an executive team with a strong history in real estate and technology. For more information about Investment Instruments Corp., please visit

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