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2008-01-17 15:51:00

Insiders' Guide to Modular Homes Exposes Benefits and Pitfalls

The 2008 Insiders' Guide to Modular Homes is now available to online home buyers providing in-depth reviews and explaining the modular building process.

Factory built housing used to be synonymous with poor construction quality, but that has changed in the last twenty years. Now, there are over two hundred modular home factories across the United States providing high quality custom homes that surpass local building codes. Most home buyers are still not well informed about modular homes.

2008 Insiders' Guide to Modular Homes  

Today, home buyers have a new option to get instant, reliable information about modular homes. Retired modular home builder and online publishing veteran Tim Key has created the "2008 Insiders' Guide to Modular Homes". This helpful e-book is based on his years of experience and lesson learned from over one hundred modular home projects.

This PDF-formatted e-book is 165 pages in length. It covers such topics as: "History of Modular Construction" "Your Modular Construction Team" and "Financing Your Modular Dream". It also includes over 170 reviews of modular home providers to help home buyers identify the best source for their local building site.

"My insiders guide is dedicated to the hard working families trying to wade through the confusing sales pitches of home sellers," Key says. He also adds, "It was very important to create a resource of unbiased information for home buyers. This may have made some lower quality home builders unhappy but it has helped to highlight some truly great gems in the modular marketplace." adds this modular homes insiders' guide to its consumer information portal. After their free stick-built vs. modular homes comparison chart was released, many visitors asked for a complete modular information resource. This e-book will more than meet that need with its easy access to an unbiased view of the modular industry. It will help to explain how to gain the biggest benefit from modular home construction as well as point out the common pitfalls. Refreshingly this ebook also helps home buyers learn when a modular home may not be the best option.


Modular Today's goal is to provide the best overall experience for all prospective home buyers so they can make an educated decision about the cost and time savings that modular homes can offer. For more information please visit Modular Today's Builders Directory. Tim Key is a retired home builder who has been involved with the construction of over one hundred new modular homes. He now spends his time helping educate home buyers about modular homes as the Senior Editor at He still remains active in the modular industry by providing consulting services to home buyers.

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