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2008-12-30 22:02:03

Independent Review of RealTown's Blogs by ActiveRain Member

Those of you who know me know that I am usually shooting holes in things: it is in my nature to be a bah-humbug kind of guy.  But I must tell you as a moderator and participant at Active Rain, that I am very impressed with RealTown’s latest software.

I must admit that I do not know how long it has been this good, because the older version did not impress me (bah-humbug blaa), and I had not been there for a while. But you simply must check out the new version.

Of course, fed by the RISMedia magazine (whom I have no affiliation with, BTW), Point2, Lowes, e-PRO and a host of other very well known names in the industry, Mike and Saul have really got a winner here – and I say that without having been the biggest fan in the past.

This is, in my opinion, perhaps the best attempt yet at matching consumers to REALTORS, not just vendors to REALTORS such as Active Rain.

The robust state of the art widgets and grouping and contact features are all there, the navigation is clean and intuitive, it does not hurt my eyes.

My prediction is that this platform will eclipse the others and become the dominant real estate-oriented source for community blogs with all the information that consumers and REALTORS need to buy and sell houses, and all the ancillary services.

If this sounds like a sales pitch, consider the source, and know that this is my honest opinion that I have offered up enthusiastically for free without any alliance, allegiance, compensation or any other reason to do so other than that it is the truth, and I wanted to go on record saying so.

REALTOR or consumer, the market will come back faster than you think, and you owe it to yourself to establish yourself at as soon as possible.  I have invited my entire 579 subscribers to my WEB 2.0 group on Active Rain to do so, and suggest that you do to.

Happy holidays to all of you, may 2009 treat us all better!

Israel Rothman is a well known Internet entrepreneur and author for several online magazines.  He has started several businesses and is currently CEO of LLC, Social Media Marketing and Website Design company.


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