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if you don't mind ……" old man difficultly saw leaf Zhi's one eye, "want not and

m, jewelry the house lives a secluded mountain area and goes out for the first time,earrings so don't understand anything, also hope that the Sirs point out more."Leaf Zhi has already woven own home background already. "Okay, women's sweaters this is a form,necklaces please have it filled."That old man listenned to also just smile, the kid here,wholesale jewelry say this sentence not annually at minority, the Yao is a nobility sons, the Yao is a princes and dukes sons,jewelry the Yao is recluse scholar Gao Ren's children-however, this kid thus polite, such courtesy,fashion jewelry invite and still has one around the silk unfathomable pure breathing unclearly, seem isn't nobility and princes and dukes,day dresses can only ability is the third. Leaf Zhi takes a pen and has already filled a form and handed over to an old man, the old man just swept one eye and compatibly said with smile:"Are you leaf Zhi?" "BE." Took a look surroundings,rings and then took a look the color of the sky, sigh a way:"Is alas, seem this year the knowledge fasten of freshman only you are a , probably is a heaven's will." "Sir, then what should I do?I can have no a place to go to tonight."Leaf Zhi also tooks a look the color of the sky, " school has a list dormitory?" "Have, however the cost a lot is a purple crystal currency for an an academic year."Old man says, " how?Do you want?" "Yes, I don't think to live with other persons together."Leaf Zhi is a bit difficult ground of to say. "Why?"The old man doesn't understand that the ground asks. "My face ……" leaf Zhi said these three words, don't keep on saying.And this also makes people misunderstand her meaning and thinks that her face is the face that is ugliest a . The "is all right …… to, there is a kind of set in the school, one hall is two buildings, have the individual gives me to seek for him to match of, an academic year as long as handing over 300 gold coins to go, however he is a boy, if you don't mind ……" old man difficultly saw leaf Zhi's one eye, "want not and so, since today, you dress up as men's wear for the female

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