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2008-01-30 19:29:00

HUD Launches Initiatives to Improve Miami-Dade Section 8 Program

Washington, D.C.-- The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development announced  new initiatives  to improve communications and service with private landlords and residents who participate in the Miami-Dade Housing Agency’s (MDHA) Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) program.

In an effort to improve customer service to landlords and ensure MDHA makes timely, accurate housing assistance payments, HUD began notifying landlords requesting they submit data to the agency that will be used to determine payment discrepancies. Landlords are asked to submit this information by regular mail or by e-mail to

“We want to thank our partner landlords and residents for their understanding and patience during a challenging period as we continue to address longstanding problems within the agency’s Section 8 program,” said Donald “D.J.” Lavoy, the HUD-appointed oversight administrator for MDHA. “This information will help us to respond promptly and accurately to questions and concerns from both landlords and residents and make certain we return to making correct payments on time.”

Landlords are also being asked to provide MDHA with e-mail addresses so that landlords can receive information, announcements, and notifications about the Section 8 program in a timely manner. Landlords should send an e-mail to

Additionally, a new mailbox has been created to track and handle all customer service-related inquiries to ensure that MDHA customers receive timely responses. MDHA is also instituting a policy that will transmit all Section 8 inquiries (via telephone or e-mail) to the following e-mail

HUD is encouraging Section 8 landlords and tenants to visit the new Customer Service Center at 5200 NW 22nd Avenue. This intake center allows MDHA Section 8 staff to meet with landlords and tenants in a comfortable setting, to field questions and complaints, and to provide estimated timeframes on responses to pending issues.

Last October, HUD took control of MDHA following a years-long pattern of financial irresponsibility and mismanagement of the embattled housing agency’s Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) and public housing programs. A legal settlement with Miami-Dade County now allows HUD to run day-to-day operations at MDHA in an effort to improve financial control, effect management reform, and to improve overall customer service for residents and landlords.

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