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2010-02-23 22:11:55

How to Get More Clients WITHOUT Spending 1¢ Running New Advertisements


As real estate agents, we tend to go-go-go, day after day, trying to close more sales. I know because this is exactly how I used to operate my business. Everything changed when I attended a conference on Internet marketing several years ago.

At this conference, numerous internet marketers shared details about their businesses and I was blown away by some of the numbers I heard revealed about their websites. Internet arketers sell information products and services online and their businesses live or die by how well their websites convert prospects into sales.

These marketers track everything about their websites. They track the number of visitors who visit their site. They track the most popular pages on their sites. They track how many visitors enter their contact information to sign up for their newsletters or special reports. They track email open rates and test different subject lines. This tracking allows them to see what works and what doesn’t.

I wasn’t tracking anything from my expensive website. After returning home from the conference, I began tracking statistics on my site very closely and was shocked to see that less than 10% of those visiting my site submitted their contact information. This was considerably lower than the 40 to 60% conversion rate internet marketers were getting with their websites.
Compared to their websites, I was losing a significant number of new leads for my business. I decided to copy the layout and format of their websites and see if it would increase my website conversion rate and help to generate more leads. Believe it or not, with a few minor changes to my website, my conversion increased dramatically. In fact, on one marketing campaign, my website conversion went from 12% to 63%.

In other words, I began generating 51% more leads from the same traffic to my website. Imagine how many more homes you might be able to sell each month if you received 51% more leads?

The key to this massive breakthrough was studying businesses outside of the real estate industry.
When I setup my original website, I simply copied the websites of other real estate agents in my area. The problem with this approach is real estate agents typically aren’t the best online marketers. This meant that I was copying websites that weren’t very effective at generating new online leads.
The lesson for you to remember is to look outside of real estate for new innovative ways to market your business.
Rob Minton, who reinvented his real estate sales business to sell 269 homes to a limited number of clients in one year, has written a 30-page report titled “Advanced Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents”, which details how you can increase the number of leads you receive online. In his report, you’ll learn how to automatically convert prospects into clients using a simple online strategy. For a limited time, you can download this book for free by visiting

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