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2011-01-11 18:47:30

How to Create Your Multiple 6 Figure Income for 2011

You are about to learn the secrets to creating a multiple six figure income while still having time to do what you love to do. This is a very exciting topic because we really are going to blow the lid off the roof and break through those glass ceilings that you've set for yourself.


This topic is for you if you if:


  • You are tired of stressing about money
  • You are frustrated that you're not living your full potential
  • You are tired of feeling held back and not even knowing why
  • You know that you could be taking your business to next level and are tired of sabotaging yourself
  • You have done well in the past want to bring your business back up to speed
  • You are tired of using the economy as an excuse
  • You are ready to breakthrough all of your barriers and create a multiple 6 Figure Income for 2011


I was once where you are.  I struggled with how to get more clients.  I struggled with how to get more leads and how to fill up my pipeline. I felt the pain that many of you are feeling right now, the frustration and the stress of not knowing how to get my business back on track.


I've been on your journey and what I realized was that it all began with me.  Even though I tried to put the responsibility for my success on to the economy, competition or personal things were happening in my life; I didn't start succeeding until I took 100% responsibility for my life.  In other words with the help of coaches and mentors, I liberated myself from the victim position of thinking that I was helpless to change my income.  I had to let go of the idea that the economy or the marketplace or anything outside of me determined my success.


In other words I found that by getting outside help and going within, I was able to win the "inner game of success" and that made all the difference.  With coaching, I changed my inner programming.  Instead of operating from an old paradigm that didn't allow me to fulfill my full potential, I learned to let go and install new software in the computer of my mind. I created new Empowered beliefs.


The first thing to understand is that you can only be as successful as your inner programming allows you to be.


Say you want to create a new year’s resolution that 2011 is going to be your best year yet. But the part of you that is creating that resolution is your conscious mind and that is only responsible for 2% of the results you get in your life.  That's why it's so common to make New Year's resolutions and then forget them.


The other 98% is your subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is full of the self limiting beliefs about you and your success. Unless you have an image of yourself as of success on the inner level, it can't manifest out on the outer level, or if it does you will find a way to sabotage it.


The second thing to understand is that the latest brain research tells us that we have programmed circuits in our brain from childhood and that we are unaware of them.


I was working with a client who recently discovered that she was programmed to think of herself as “defective”. As a real estate agent she struggled for years but could never get anywhere in her business, until she worked with me. In a short amount of time it became clear to both of us that if she was going to be successful, she was going to have to reprogram the belief that she was defective as well as many other self-limiting beliefs from her childhood.


In summary, you need to find the origin of faulty programming, and when you first began to believe things about yourself that weren't true such as:


  • I have to be perfect to be okay
  • I'm not smart enough to succeed
  • I can't seem to create what I want in my life
  • If I ask for what I want I’ll be rejected


It’s not enough to put an affirmation on top of the self-limiting belief.  I would be like putting a Band-Aid on top of an infected wound.  This is where a lot of people go wrong; they use affirmations which seem to work for a while but eventually the old beliefs surface again because they've never been wiped out.


These self-limiting beliefs are not your fault. However, it is your responsibility to locate those beliefs and extract them so they don't ruin your life.


The next thing to understand is that if you've been saying to yourself "I know what I should be doing; I'm just not doing it.", then you are suffering from excess baggage that is weighing you down.


There are two kinds of coaching: there's accountability coaching and there is mindset coaching.  If you've had any coaching at all so far, it has probably been accountability coaching. There are many real estate gurus who give weekend seminars and then offer accountability programs to learn their system.


These accountability coaching programs are not bad.  Many of them teach you how to prospect, how to have powerful scripts when talking to prospective clients, how to build referral systems, and many other things you need to know to be a successful real estate agent.


Most of the time however, people take these accountability coaching programs before they have cleared away the self-limiting beliefs in their mind.  Before meeting me, my clients didn't have anyone that could help them to discover their self-limiting beliefs, release them, and replace them with updated empowered beliefs such as:


  • I am more than good enough
  • Success comes to me easily and effortlessly
  • I make money by working smarter, not harder
  • I have a valuable service to offer people are happy to hear from me


This is the power of Mindset Coaching over Accountability Coaching. Once those new beliefs are installed in your subconscious mind, there can be no stopping you. Then you will realize that your success is entirely about keeping and maintaining positive pro-success mindset. In other words, mindset coaching can help you succeed in "winning the inner game of success.”



Dr. Maya Bailey, Multiple 6 Figure Income Business Coach for Real Estate Professionals, integrates her 20 years of experience as a psychologist with 14 years of expertise in marketing. Her powerful transformational work creates a Success Formula for Real Estate Professionals ready to create a Multiple 6 Figure Income. To get your free report: “7 Simple Strategies to More Clients in 90 Days” and to apply for an Initial Complimentary Consultation, go to

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