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2009-01-29 18:46:20

How Efficient Is Your Real Estate Business?

Last year, nearly 150,000 real estate professionals left the business. That’s an average of 12,500 a month or 411 a day across the country.

Even worse, this steady exodus of talented people threatens to continue in 2009 as the housing and credit slump – the centerfold of the national economic recession – smothers consumer confidence and stifles individual initiative.

The problem is both urgent and real.

The solution is to do something immediately that only 10% of Realtors actually do on a consistent basis: That is to develop and aggressively follow a customized business plan.

To assist them, has developed a free Business Efficiency Analysis designed to help identify the level of efficiency at which their business is operating and determine the amount of income they should be earning. By taking a moment to honestly answer the 22 questions “Yes” or “No,” agents can use their business efficiency score to make the adjustments needed to design a more efficient and profitable business.

The questions range from “Can you predict, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, your income for the next 12 months?” to “Are you making repetitive contact with every customer in your client base at least once every 30 days?”

To make the adjustments indicated in the analysis, HouseHunt provides its ABC (Activity Brings Choices) Business Plan – also a no-obligation, free-service.

“Our ABC Business Plan will help the individual agent to be more efficient, earn more money and live a more balanced life,” said Michael Bearden, president and CEO of HouseHunt, Inc., a consumer-oriented Internet firm that provides free information and services to homeowners, home buyers and home sellers in 47 states through its member-agents and its primary web site. It’s an online interactive business planning tool designed to fit the challenges of today’s changing marketplace is now available to both new and experienced real estate professionals.”  .

Developed and marketed by, the plan is customized to provide agents with the most direct route to their desired goals in the next year.

“Jim Droz, one of the chief architects of the ABC Business Plan and a former number one sales agent in the world in the CENTURY 21 Real Estate System, said the premise behind the plan is very simple: “In 2009, you will need to increase the number of customers you have because only a small percentage of potential home buyers will be able to generate transactions. There’s not a whole lot of money to go around and lenders are going to be extremely careful.”

Adds Bearden: “Every great business plan is simply a road map of activities.” There should be no task on this map that does not take you closer to your goals. A great business plan eliminates wasted effort, does away with unnecessary “stuff” that robs you of valuable time and energy and, by eliminating ‘busy work,” allows you to focus 100% of your efforts on performing income generating tasks.

“Our goal is to assist all motivated Realtors to build extremely profitable and enjoyable businesses,” Bearden continued. “By completing and implementing our ABC Business Plan, your business will be more structured, more organized, more profitable and more fun than you ever dreamed possible It is the first step in your journey to the top of our industry.”

The model used in the business plan has proved effective by major corporations like Pepsi, Coke and Microsoft and incorporates’s five-step Business Building Process. It also details the eight steps the agent needs to follow, from establishing goals and implementing a proven plan to focusing on profitability and creating 48-hour days by delegating various tasks to others.

Next, the agent is shown step-by-step how to create and implement an effective business plan to determine current practices and how to monitor results: where are you now, where do you want to be, and what needs to change to achieve your near and long-term goals? An Internet audio presentation is also offered as part of the business planning package.

 In addition to offering exclusivity of leads and territories, Househunt offers an outstanding leads management system called TIM (Total Internet Marketing), has dedicated its entire existence to creating solutions that ease an agent’s lead generation and conversion burdens by creating a blueprint for the individual agent to become a highly paid professional, Bearden said.

“We sincerely believe there is not a more effective system in the world in the world of real estate to move your business to the next level,” Bearden continued. “Having an exclusive source of leads has value only if there are enough leads being generated to add a substantial and consistent source of profits to an agent’s career. Nationally, we have a 10-year record of producing an incredible number of leads for its subscribers. Over the last year, the company has averaged an incoming lead for one of its members every 14 seconds.”

Adds Droz: “The market is changing, and it’s very important for the agent to build a larger customer base as part of his or her business plan. If you don’t have a plan, you’d better have a plan to fail!”

Mike Bearden is President and CEO of HouseHunt, Inc. As one of the first real estate sites on the Internet, was founded in 1995 with the intention to provide unique information about every community in the United States. They also also provide the ability to search for active real estate listings and home values. HouseHunt allows one real estate agent to represent a community, ensuring that they are the exclusive provider of real estate services in any specific community.

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