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2008-02-29 13:32:00

How Dreams Make You a More Successful Real Estate Agent

Have you ever kicked back in your chair and visualized what your ideal real estate business would look like? This isn’t a silly “New Age” exercise. When you picture what you want, even if it involves a personal jet and taking conference calls sitting on a veranda overlooking the Mediterranean, you are setting goals.

Just like a Fortune 500 business, top agents know they need to set specific, measurable goals to get them where they want to go at the end of the year. Now, yes, it’s true that “Owning a personal jet” isn’t a practical goal. But closing 30 transactions this year is an important step in the direction of owning that personal jet. And making 10 or 20 or 50 new contacts a month is an important step towards getting those 30 transactions a year.

If you think about it, then, each new contact is another rivet in your personal jet.

Here are some suggestions to consider when creating a practical plan for where you dream of your business going:

1. Set Realistic Goals

Decide what you want to accomplish based on a realistic assessment of your market — how many hours you want to work, how much money you want to make and/or transactions you want to close. Also keep in the drawer that list of “dream” goals as well. These dream goals are just as important as the realistic, practical ones. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, it helps to pull out your dream list and look at it—and remember why you chose to build your career around real estate.

2.  Make an Action Plan

If you’ve ever taken a road trip into an unfamiliar area, you know that the fastest and easiest way to get to your destination is to map out the route in advance. Figure out what it will take to reach your goals, including a projected advertising budget and a timeline to accomplish each task. Then write it down and review your plan frequently.

3.  Be the Big Name

Keep your name and your face in front of your customer as often as possible. Make sure yours is the first name your prospects think of when it’s time to choose an agent and you’ll give yourself the best chance of ultimately winning the business—and your dreams.

Here’s one simple, final suggestion: Stay accountable!

Businesses of every size and type have ups and downs, some of which are within their control and others which aren’t. Celebrate your successes, accept your mistakes and above all, remember that as leader of your business, you can—and must—follow your action plan, track your progress and stay committed to your strategy. It’s your business and your life. Dream big and start planning today to make every year the best year ever.

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