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2010-07-26 19:34:54

Hoist The Storm Jib

The Perfect Storm descended upon our industry a little over 3 years ago, and still continues to rage, although to a lesser degree. The waters are still turbulent.
However at Allison James Estates and Homes we have the storm jib deployed, the jack lines secured, our foul weather gear on and we’re sailing through the storm.
This is what every Realtor and every brokerage that has survived for the past three years has done. They’ve battened down the hatches and plowed through those turbulent waters. There are times when you have to sail into the wind. My wife and I had to sail into the wind one night in 1996, 100 miles off the coast of Baja Mexico in 35 knot winds. Those are the times in life that you man up and survive, or give up.
I’m seeing a lot of people give up right now. Not just in our industry but in spirit and with their goals. Some of these people surprise me that they have given up. At one point they were confident, strong and successful people, and they have been reduced to frail, whining shadows of their former selves. I feel for them, but they have to stand on their own two feet.
With that said I’ll address what these individuals in our industry need to do to get back on their feet, regain their confidence and survive the storm.
First: Quit blaming everyone else. This includes the government, the industry, the banks not lending, everyone. You can’t change those things. What you can change is yourself. If I can give some overly simplistic advice, go buy the book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and read it. Recently I had a good friend ask me if I had ever read it. I shared with that friend that not only had I read it, but I carried it in my briefcase for probably 20 years and read it almost daily till it finally just fell apart. I implemented those teachings into my life and to this day I am a very strong goal setter. Every day I look at my goals; several times a day. I have pictures of my goals, my passwords reflect my goals. If nothing else try this. Confirm to yourself several times a day that you are successful and you will achieve your goals.
Two: Get back to the basics. As many of you know I’m a big Social Media guy but Social Media is just another tool. It won’t change your life without the basics. The basics in our industry have always been to go out and secure listings. Go out in your neighborhood like we used to. Bring that smile you get from reading “Think And Grow Rich” to every door. I think everyone in the country right now has a sour attitude. What a pleasant surprise you’ll be to your neighbors when they find a hopeful and positive Realtor.
Three: Make 10 WHO DO calls a day to your sphere of influence. A WHO DO call is when you speak to someone about Real Estate you ask WHO DO YOU KNOW that may want to buy or sell Real Estate.  As I taught my Realtors over the years, 10 WHO DO’s a day will make you successful, 20 WHO DO’s a day will make you wealthy.
I know these ideas will be laughed at by many, because we are so much more sophisticated today. But you know what? We do these things at the corporate office of Allison James Estates and Homes every day and in the last 2 ½ years since we opened our doors we have grown from just myself to a presence in 11 states with two new states about to open, and have recruited over 400 Realtors while most other companies have shrunk or disappeared.
Positive and simple has made us successful.

James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes and may be reached at  

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