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2010-12-02 04:44:54

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rtain knoll up. If you ask I why, evening dresses I can say,cocktail dresses that breathing that is Si in the tower cloth to possess singly, apostle is same, I can distinguish it,prom dresses seem especially the idea stay to my signpost similar. "Si in the tower cloth, are you here?Si in the tower cloth." "Wood,cocktail dresses jewelry the small voice is some."Suddenly, from after death spread the voice of Si in the tower cloth, " in case of be clapped by the NERV satellite and then bother." "Si in the tower cloth,evening dresses Si in the tower cloth, I miss you so much." Saw the good friend of long time no see, I suddenly had a kind of impulse that wants up to tightly embrace. "Good good." Si in the tower cloth gentle and softly dauts my head,prom dresses seem previous I fondle the show of small light to deliver similar. "Seek me so, have what matter?" Si in the tower cloth is tiny tiny on smiling, prom dresses say: "I was to want to invite you, killed me." "Russia?"I get a shock, " you at play trick." "Not."Si in the tower cloth turns into slightly serious tone, " however isn't now, but when the time arrives, please kill off me." "I don't want."I harsh voice objection way, " I once said of, I absolutely can't make you die." "Wood, I ask you."The voice of Si in the tower cloth more serious, " is between the whole mankind and me, you exactly choose which?" Face this problem, I the momentary language fill. "Be fond of Mang?That I back and forth answer you good.I the choice of Si in the tower cloth BE-mankind." "But, so you aren't " "I once said before of, our apostle's destiny wased from the first and then was arranged okay, not the dint of my etc. could change.So, I still will find out with all strength second be, exterminate mankind.Even if is chase some oneselfs for yes mankind most is pawn " "Although I expect that the mankind can keep on living,I still need to exterminate you.So, I hope and kill off mine when the time comes, the ability is your wood.Because, at your No.3 machine in seal to print of the soul is in fact a prophet second with the match." "Si in the tower cloth, I

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