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2011-03-31 13:26:33

Green Flooring

The greenest product is one that has a minimal impact on the environment and on your health. Some flooring may come coated with toxin-emitting stains and adhesives.

• When selecting flooring materials, choose from materials like:

     o Bamboo
     o Cork
     o Concrete
     o Linoleum
     o Recycled tile and stone
     o Reclaimed/salvaged lumber
• If the flooring requires adhesive, stain or polish, buy one that has a very low VOC content. Choose sealants and stains made from natural pigments. For polish upkeep, look for hardwax and natural oil polishes.
• If the flooring requires grout or glues, make sure you purchase non-toxic products with low VOC contents.

Protect the environment and your health with non-toxic, eco-friendly flooring.

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