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2012-04-30 21:33:58

Got Video?

Have you heard?  YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world and today’s buyers and sellers are going to YouTube for more information more often.

According to Mashable, 91% of all content by next year will be video based, and yet a large percentage of today’s agents are still not adapting video into their marketing and service platforms.

Part of the reason is they aren’t quite sure how to use video to attract, engage, connect and convert those prospects to profits.  In addition, new innovations using video to update customers is preferred and video is changing the way we leverage communications with both buyers and sellers.

Here’s a few new ways video has become the preferred new tool for agents and their customers:

  1. You do need some good and affordable equipment: When purchasing a digital camera, look for the following key things:  Get a camera that is high definition (1080P) that has an external microphone port.  You can buy a standard external microphone for under $40  at Radio Shack that plugs right into the camera.  Having an external mic is critical when shooting testimonials or covering live events.  Viewers will put up with average video, but not bad audio.  Check out the Kodak Playtouch Digital camera that has software editing built right in and great audio quality. 
  2. Just for fun, order a microphone “flag” box to place on your external microphone when shooting testimonials or covering events.  Get your logo on the box and watch how easily people want to comment. It is much easier to get people to participate when they speak into a microphone, and you will look just like a national television host!
  3. Imagine using a video via email or text to let a buyer know you have just found a new listing that meets their needs and are able to take a few minutes of video to “show” them the property.  .  With great audio quality and easy editing software inside the camera, this activity is made simple and available in real time.
  4. Video innovations are a great fit for expired listings!  In less than 90 seconds, sending a short video asking for an opportunity to have the seller see how you use the latest technologies and systems incorporated into video open the door for more valuable listing options as sellers seek results oriented marketing resources. These new formats are a great fit for high end properties as well and feature photos, brochures and past success sales in their neighborhood.
  5. With so many busy sellers and sometimes those out of town, using a video listing presentation with a link that can be texted as well as emailed is a cutting edge way to show a seller that you are highly “connected” to securing more prospective buyers more easily.
  6. Although there is some controversy about posting testimonials, we know that implied endorsement still reigns as a main component for leveraging trust and experience.  Smart agents are using cross marketing and reciprocal relations with their lending partners to get great testimonials using video.   Think about securing testimonials from different types of clients with different priced homes.  For example first time home buyers saying how great their agent was and how they really helped them understand the home buying process.  Or luxury sellers saying our agent really looked after our best interest and make selling our luxury property a wonderful experience.  Post these on your YouTube channel, your Facebook business page, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts. 
  7. Agents that want to own their marketplace are focused on building a brand that supports “celebrity authority” by using video as a resource to buyers and sellers.  This is accomplished by creating videos that address various issues and solutions that occur during the buying and selling process.  As an example, offering a video that answers questions as the real estate resource addressing price vs. quality and services.  Keep the video under 2 minutes.  Do script out your video and make sure you make your point clear.  This can be sent as part of a pre listing package, posted on your blog and included on your YouTube channel.
  8. Continue to build Expert content by establishing yourself as an expert, using video.  Your content becomes more valuable when you deliver real reliable content about the neighborhood, the local market, or even trends that affect your local marketplace.  Expert content can be captured by interviewing experts from inspectors, to lenders, to title professionals.  For best results, create an editorial calendar of the content you would like to provide.  When you post even one video per month, you’ll begin to build a library of great resource information. Your partners like inspectors, contractors, and decorators  can post these videos on their websites as well and leverage search engine optimization to get more viewers.
  9. Do have some fun with video!  Cover real people events in your marketplace.  As an example the first opening day of your local farmers market, park events, holiday parades, block parties, and fund raisers to name a few. Shoot short videos that include real people making a few comments at these events and post to your blog site and leverage through your social media channels. The old adage; “People buy from those they know, like and trust” still reigns, and when you are posting as a part of the community the personal part helps support your professional status.   People love seeing themselves and information about where they live, so don’t forget to have fun and keep your video camera handy for all of life’s incredible moments.

Video is engaging, fun and will continue to be the way people consume information.  Get up to speed with video and take advantage of this great new medium!


Bio: Terri Murphy is an author, speaker, and e-Marketing strategist specializing in helping clients connect with their customers to grow their bottom line.  She is the author of 5 books, including her latest with Donald Trump. email: for more information on high visibility communication strategies, go to:

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