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2009-05-22 17:32:17

Get Your House Sold


It’s Emotional

Over and over I have heard agents claim “location, location, location.” I’d like to offer a different perspective. A friend of mine recently decided to sell her townhouse. It’s on an extremely busy street, with lots of truck traffic. Her back deck looks into the wall of another building. The front porch looks at another wall behind a row of patio homes. Her townhouse is also sandwiched in between several others. One end unit took six months to sell. My friend sold her unit in less than two weeks to only the second couple who viewed it. She also sold it for more than the list price of other townhouses in the same area.
How? I helped her to create a home that people wanted to live in the moment they stepped through the door.   In this fiercely competitive marketplace, you want YOUR homes to stand out from the current glut of listings. Not only stand out, but SELL FAST. There is a way!
Preparing Homes For A Fast Sale
Buyers need to make an instant, emotional connection with a home. A messy house WILL NOT sell at the speed you need it to. Now, I can’t think of any agent who enjoys convincing sellers to declutter and clean! It’s a task that usually meets with resistance. There is, however, a way of removing yourself from this touchy situation. I have created a guide that will clearly communicate this message for you. 
For many owners, their home is an extension of who they are as individuals.    They enjoy every memento, every photograph. And clutter? They no longer notice it. So, in order to sell a house fast, you need to ensure that the seller sees exactly what a potential buyer sees.
To assist you, the first section of the guide, “The Worse Case Scenario”, gives a humorous account of a couple who are looking to buy a house. They arrive on the doorstep of a residence belonging to owners who believe their home is wonderful. In fact, it’s a mess. As the buyers wander through the house, the reader sees how the rooms are actually perceived. For instance when the kitchen is viewed, the buyers notice the following:
 “The stove is dirty and appears to have parts missing. The refrigerator is okay, but plastered with photos and drawings. A rude remark is scrawled on a notice board. The appliances are covered with utensils and bowls … and mail and school papers. The windowsill contains a baseball, an erring, and a broken pot with a wilted flower. The sink has definitely seen better days. And the dog must have still been munching on his food while drooling his way towards the back door.”
After many disappointing showings and no offers, the sellers finally realize the need to convert their home from a personal space into a more appealing space for buyers. After making the necessary changes, the same potential buyers return. The revamped kitchen now looks like this:
“… the kitchen has been polished and swept. All appliances are in one piece and working properly. The counter is empty except for an open cookbook, a beautiful cutting board and a white china bowl with oranges and bananas … oh, and a coffee-maker with fresh coffee. Laid out on a tray are mugs, cream, sugar, and a plate of cookies. All clutter has been removed from the refrigerator, the windowsill only displays a ceramic pot filled with tumbling ivy, and the kitchen table has bright red placemats. There are matching blinds in the windows. The dog is apparently eating somewhere else these days and posted on the notice board is a list typed up by the sellers containing all the reasons why potential buyers will enjoy living in this house.”
The first step in this transformation is the need to clean and declutter. If possible, packing up extra personal items and removing them into temporary storage arrangements is ideal. It’s important to remind the sellers that their home isn’t being altered for THEM, but rather for potential buyers. The second step is to create small “stagings” in each room. These are room settings that are designed to connect with buyers on that all important emotional level.
To make it easy to proceed with these steps, I have prepared individual room charts. This way each seller can prioritize what needs to be done to sell their particular home – Fast.
For example, let’s take a bathroom. First there is a “Preliminary Work” chart, which is a comprehensive “to-do” list and contains lots of ideas on cleaning and decluttering that particular room. This is followed by a “Finishing Touches” chart, which describes various staging elements for a bathroom setting. Lastly, is a “Personal List” chart, which allows the seller to make his or her own notes for that room.
Dozens of e-PRO agents consider this guide to be one of the best investments they have made.  It can easily be emailed to clients, comes with a personalized cover, a license which allows you to give it to as many homeowners as possible for as long as you wish … and absolutely prepares a home for a fast sale at the highest possible price. 
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