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2010-11-06 03:16:43

Genuine Prada handbags or clones

Counterfeit PRADA nylon bag in the market, many saw. Doing more like is Prada nylon bags, while those who counterfeit Prada

nylon small bag looks to know is false. Below when wants to notice, how to identify the true and false prada.

[Nylon] Genuine Prada handbags are made of materials with parachute, this kind of material heat-resisting, thick, tinggua,

toughness, its material surface anti luminosity is not large, and the magnifying glass can be seen under denim. And false Prada by

ordinary chemical fiber, or too light is too thin no simple sense, or too thick too hard feel is not beautiful, its material surface or

very smooth, or extremely bleak, but the magnifying glass can see dot grain.

[Cortical] genuine leather, goat Prada adopt even alligator-skin manufacturing, all cortical both had obvious dermatoglyph and

unique skin taste. False Prada cortical harder, and dermatoglyph less.

[Triangle Logo] genuine Prada metal triangle Logo in the package is the central position, Wholesale Prada handbags surrounding

edge car line and triangle Logo distance extremely are weighed. The lettering on the logo and triangle is hand-made, very concave

-convex feeling greatly. False Prada metal logo position does not necessarily in the central and bag car line very rough.

[Zipper] genuine Prada metal zippers weight are heavier. False Prada zipper is very light.

[Straps] genuine Prada nylon straps is very flexible, nylon surface not easily cottony ball, and straps have twill. False Prada straps

very thin, nothing elasticity, and no diagonal edges.

The authenticity Prada the small doohickey:

1. New vendor must have special flavour, this leather leather tastes for Prada special leather anticorrosive potions, Discount

Prada handbags
cannot generic, because this potion cost is too high, and tastes can go to our shop smell.

2. No factory flow counters Prada delivery, parallel inputs. Prada President requests own products to do that in Prada he

completely prohibit brand service and access any mistakes. So there is no problem. The factory flow shipment How much they

products are a little charge system, and the rest in February last season to place an order. How many orders, they only send how

many goods.

3. Most black basic money bag nylon cloth qualitative strong. Prada nylon cloth inside will mat several layers neri, so feels not


4. Touch see bags of metal Logo, font part was slightly remainder outstanding.

5. Prada zipper head behind the metal parts of the words with Lampo is the newest anti-fake sign, for its Lampo, traditional

characters, below will have a number, from 2002 probably began around.


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