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2009-11-04 17:44:35

Generating Good Leads from Social Media

"I can't hear you, I'm getting a Twit."

"I'm not listening to you, I'm busy on the "book."

"I don't care about you, I care about me."

Seem like the client who expects you to serve them 24/7? Well, it is. This digital generation of real estate buyers and sellers has the attention span of a fruit fly hopped up on Red Bull. In a world where we claim to be more connected, it feels like we are more apart than ever. This is apparent as we watch people relentlessly tapping their cell phones, forgetting what it's like to look someone in the eye and ask "how are you?" 

The irony of the digital generation is that their time has become more limited, yet their available choices have gone up. How on earth are we going to reach this gadget-crazed generation with technical A.D.D.? Marketers desperately try to join in on this party, yet show up wearing all the wrong clothes. Just because you friend 1,000 people on Facebook doesn't mean anybody cares what you have to say. Just because you post a dozen Twits a day, doesn't mean anybody is paying attention. You don't just show up at a party unannounced, especially an exclusive one - you get an invite.

In order to get an invite to this Ritalin deprived party, you need to realize that it is a privilege; you are only one click away from being shown the door. Treating the digital generation with respect is the best way to earn their attention, because when they do listen they are paying you with something precious - their time. Once you have earned this trust you have developed an asset that is the foundation of any respectable brand - a relationship.
In order to get this perpetual invite you need to make a promise. A bold, funny, or irresistible statement that makes good on it's proposition in return for an invite by listening. The hardest part to digest for marketers is that it ends there unless they ask for more. Once you get an invite don't assume you can show up with 10 friends, or invite anyone else to the party. Anything less than anticipated, personal, and relevant information pertaining to the promise is doomed to fail. A deal is a deal.
Wow. If it seems like the digital generations party is exclusive it is. Patience is a virtue, which might be why the best brands stand the test of time.   

Born and raised on the outskits of Vancouver, BC Jeff Deveau began his real estate career in 2004 and purchased a real estate franchise with 2 partners in 2005. Jeff's role with the office has been as the Managing Broker and generating real estate leads. As online lead generation has become his passion over the last few years, he has developed a system that helps internet savvy Realtors generate their own exclusive real estate leads online. Visit to learn more about generating real estate leads online

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