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2010-12-02 15:16:30

Foreclosures Gloucester VA characteristics


If you are looking through foreclosures Gloucester VA and wondering why so many people find themselves in this financial predicament, you might be interested to know some of the foreclosure characteristics, which get people in trouble, are common to many places throughout the United States.

Whether you live in Virginia or are facing NH foreclosures, recent reports are blaming the document signing fiasco on a backlog of these homes being processed through the system. That’s the main argument you’ll read more often than not, but it’s not, necessarily, getting to the background of the situation and determining the reasons why people lose their homes.

For that you need to look at several different statistics, and the number one cause why foreclosures Gloucester VA reflect the high figures they do in today’s housing market is that 32% of people who lose their homes have lost their jobs. With an unemployment rate hovering around 10% for the better part of a year now, the threat of NH foreclosures is very real as it is in almost every other state across the United States.

A further 85% of the people who lose their homes have started the process off by missing at least one mortgage payment. When people start missing mortgage payments, statistics tell us the snowball has already started to roll downhill and homeowners will find it very hard to recover.

An additional 25% of people who face foreclosures Gloucester VA are those with some kind of medical problem that precludes them from being able to work at all. Without the right type of medical insurance, it becomes impossible to make mortgage payments.

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