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dn't forget my this as you but gentle and soft eyes, jewelry I ain't 1/7 I,earrings but complete I.The transmigration of soul of aeon, women's sweaters I have already resumed consciousness of integrity, be just absolute being space I have already canned not resume,necklaces because I give you it.Anne Di shows you loving strength this time." Finish saying and then slowly left tower building. Meanwhile, a board of trade that nameds "create a life time"'s going into business a management in absolute being empire dragon's one will register,wholesale jewelry registering golds must make the representative director surprise more, on seeing the representative director of this board of trade, hard to understand more-the bore pull virtuous,jewelry no one remembers such a name, seem to burst upon generally. Is same, there is a mercenary soldier regiment that nameds "create a life time" in the mercenary soldier association being silently had no an interest ground establishment,fashion jewelry the representative director of this mercenary soldier regiment has two people-shell benefit Lei Si and the west Er Gong. In this time, there is a risky regiment birth that nameds "create a life time" in the risky association,day dresses too, the representative director is a bow hand of cruelty. Certainly no one doubts that these 3s have what connection,rings who don't also thought of that these three organization from the sames became to rescue the whole hero of world in the future day. Reaching the good evil force college is at empire dragon of absolute being inshore, it at absolute being the second city dream Zhi city of empire dragon.Can say so, the dream Zhi city is to reach good evil force college.There are no so-called residents here yes, have of, just student and teacher, often live in this city of in addition to teacher, only have some merchant businesses person with some teach work.The city gate of dream Zhi city is the front door of evil martial college, an exceed into city gate is an evil force college. Leaf Zhi stands quietly in the big city gate, at this time s

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