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2008-11-24 18:39:24

Do You Need a BIO or a Marketing Message?

You May Be Lost in the Crowd

Have you taken a look at your About page on your website lately?  What about your introduction on your marketing material?  When you read the words you use to present yourself to the world, does it sound familiar?  Does it sound like every other agent’s description of themselves, with only the names changed to protect the innocent?

Anytime you write about yourself, you should really be writing about your business.  Many “About” pages are written like a biography, something like this:

“Joan has been with ABC Realty for four years, and was a member of the Millionaire Club in 2003.  She has been a licensed Realtor for ten years.  Joan is a member of the Podunk Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.  With her husband Harold, she has lived in XTown for 15 years and has a son and daughter.  Joan loves people and does her best to help her clients achieve their dreams.”

OK, So What’s Wrong with That? 
For one thing, a REALTOR® should know how to display that designation.  For another thing, most people think if you are a member of the Millionaire Club that you make a million dollars a year.  That can be pretty intimidating; besides that, it’s an industry award and doesn’t necessarily mean anything to someone who isn’t a real estate professional.  Finally, citing an award you received 5 years ago doesn’t really help your cause
The biggest problem is that there is not one benefit identified in “Joan’s” marketing message.  A prospect reading that description might think Joan sounds like a nice person, but they have been provided no compelling reason to work with her.

Get Benefit-Oriented!

Long ago I took a sales course that emphasized three ways people describe things.  The idea is that you describe a product (or a real estate consulting practice) in three steps:  Feature, Function, Benefit.
Basically, you work through those three steps until you reach the benefit, and that’s how you sell something.  Here’s an example - let’s say we were selling a 6-slice toaster:

Feature:  Six toasting areas.
Function:  Lets you toast a lot of bread at one time.
Benefit:  No one has to wait for a piece of toast while their eggs are getting cold.

The closest thing to a marketing message in the agent’s bio above is this: "Joan loves people and does her best to help her clients achieve their dreams." 
So what do you think?  Is that a feature or function?  It sure isn’t a benefit!"
You Really Need a Brand

The purpose of developing a brand for your real estate consulting business is so that you can identify your niche, and come up with a list of benefit statements that you can use on your website and in your marketing material.
If you don’t have a brand, at least take a hard look at your marketing message and make sure it’s full of benefits!
Kathleen Allardyce is the founder of Getting It Write, Inc. The firm specializes in providing Web-Centric Real Estate Marketing services to agents and brokers – a one-stop service that establishes clients as true Internet professionals. Services include developing brands, logos and lead-generating websites. Visit her real estate marketing website and Point2 Agent real estate website.


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