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2009-06-03 20:03:40

Diverse Solutions and realPING Announce Integration Alliance


realPING, LLC has announced that Diverse Solutions will extend realPING functionality throughout its respective marketing platforms. realPING 'enabled' indicates the marketing platform can display the agent?s realPING button in various locations without the agent having to play with code.

realPING is a VoIP-enabled 'CLICK TO TALK NOW' service agents use throughout their e-marketing. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors indicate that 78% of the time, consumers will 'deal' with the first agent that gets back to them when a question arises.

When a consumer has questions, a callback is initiated by the consumer and their phone rings within seconds. Simultaneously the agent?s phone (cell or landline) rings and the call is immediately bridged. At any time during the call the agent can PUSH content to the caller's browser remotely (web pages, listings, PDFs, tours. Pre Qual forms etc.)

Justin LaJoie, CEO of Diverse Solutions added, 'We are constantly hearing from our clients on the need to shorten the distance between questions and answers from website visitors. We want our clients to be the most responsive and by enabling realPING, we keep our agents at the forefront of technology.'

realPING Co-Founder Albert Clark  said 'When realPING was developed our intention was to make the service ubiquitous. Having it work at every touch point on consumer-facing marketing was critical to our success and we are happy that Diverse Solutions shares our views.'

In addition to these, the service works on many other platforms including email systems, newsletters, virtual tours, single property websites, Craigslist and Blogs

About Diverse Solutions: Diverse Solutions provides website and marketing tools that are the most attention-grabbing, and easy-to-use products available to the real estate industry today.

About realPING, LLC: realPing provides VOIP Web-enabled technology that instantly connects via telephone, web site visitors and e-mail recipients with a real estate

For More Information Please Contact:
Albert Clark

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