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2007-03-27 23:37:00

craigblog Is RealTown Blog of the Day

Craig Newmark
San Francisco, CA

craigblog is the unpretentious bloggy sibling to Craigslist, published by a San Francisco-based, George Costanza-like creature whose name conjures fear and trepidation in newspaper advertising offices around the globe. Craig Newmark's vast real estate reach, an out-of-the-box business model with a disdain for profit that leaves The Street scratching its collective head, and a passion for electronic frontier freedom and social causes, translate to a bloggy treat. It has been one of my personal favorites since I stepped into the blogosphere.

Keep your eyes open for multi-author candidate blogs in the next election. Assignment Zero is a step beyond Wikipedia, and Craig is in the thick of it:

"The idea is to apply to journalism the same open-source model of Web-enabled collaboration that produced the operating system Linux, the Web browser Mozilla and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia."

Craig has been publishing this blog since 2003. Click a link, any link, and be inspired.

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