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2011-11-08 23:14:22

Co-Brand and Co-Themed Marketing: The Best of Both Worlds

Branding is a huge part of you're business and should be through of strategically. Some Brokers give you full creative freedom over your personal brand; while others prefer you to stick with their guidelines (ie: logo, color, layouts ect.).

The one thing you have to realize is It's not an All or Nothing game. Why not compromise? There are two ways to get this done: Logo-Mashup and Co-Theme your Marketing.



Logo Mashups is combining your personal and broker's brand logos in a cohesive way.  If done correctly it adds value to both you and your broker's brand image. I've helped a few agents do this with great success. Typically used to leverage the broker's brand equity, but it can still apply in this case. Mashing the logos isn't very hard. You can spend a few hours on Illustrator; however, to get it done right, I'd recommend using a skilled graphic designer. The last thing you want it to have a mash-potatoed logo [ the wrong way to mash a logo =) ]. If you don’t have access to a good graphics person, there’s an awesome web service I used. I added the reference link at the bottom of this post. In conjunction with your Logo-Mashup, you might find common ground with Co-Themed Marketing.


Co-Themed Marketing Materials

Another alterative to co-branding is Co-Themed Marketing. Brokers are most worried about 2 things: Their logo and their colors; since you’re using their logo anyway, or using a logo-mashup, applying a color theme isn’t that bad of an idea. In fact, it’ll make your marketing, real estate flyers, more cohesive. Take a look at the flyers below. Both were created to incorporate the broker’s color theme but still placing the agent front and center.



It’s a thin line marketing the broker and you. Why battle it out, when you can compromise right?  Co-themes and mashups are the best of both world. It helps to promote the broker and allow you to separate yourself from the competition!


Both the Mashup and Co-Theme can be a DIY project. But, I’d recommend using a good graphic designer if you’re not 100% fluent in Illustrator (the only program that’ll look professional and polished, don’t bother trying use Word, Photoshop, or –gosh no- MS Paint!).  I sometimes contract graphic designers on They have a wealth of good designers. OR, for your Co-Themed flyers you can use pre-made professional flyer templates (my shameless plug, sorry ;) at or

If you’re interested, I wrote an article about mashup logos that was published on RealTown, Find it here:

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