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2011-11-11 21:20:01

Closing Gifts - What Do You Do?

What kind of closing gifts do you give you to your clients so they feel appreciated? Maybe you don't give a closing gift?  Recognition Express did a survey and these were the results:    

  • I will give a personal gift based on some of my client's individual tastes that I've come to know over the course of the sales process.    52%
  • I will usually give a gift certificate from Home Depot or something small.    11%
  • I will give a closing gift that is based on the value of the sale.    12%
  • I usually give them some household items and a calendar.    3%
  • I don't give closing gifts to my clients.    22%

I hadn't realized that such a large percentage didn't even give a gift.  It is true that giving a closing gift is not a must, but don't you think that it makes your client feel like they "weren't just another sale?"  Some agents simply give a gift basket, or wine, while others put a lot more thought into them.

As closing gifts are typically a tradition in most areas, you might want to keep a few things in mind when you go to purchase your next one.  Cost always comes into play.  You don't want to spend too little making the clients feel like you ran out that morning to get them something.  But at the same time, you don't want to be spending too much money possibly making the client feel uncomfortable about accepting it. 

Another very important concept is timing. While some agents do multiple gifts spacing them out at different times to maintain contact after the closing, other agents give one at closing and then again for maybe a holiday or anniversary. 

The best would be to find a gift that either keeps on coming, or one that keeps on giving - one that they will consistently use and that visibly has your name and photo present for them to see each time they pick it up and use it.

It is said that "the likelihood of a referral is greatly increased with the giving of an appropriate closing gift."  Wouldn't a nice gift at closing make you feel that your agent really did care about you!

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