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2010-12-02 04:45:47

close together, in history with China once had friction of person all should the

not leave 1, sweater 000 people carries on a protection,knitwear these more than 1,000 persons also mostly hide, prepare with China the troops play a guerrilla war. Milk July,cashmere sweaters year ditch afternoon.Suddenly summer vanguard soldier the 74th soldier offend to sink a deer island, another Japan.The big city subjugates,knitwear offending the China troops who break the deer island didn't stop over and continued to open into forward, dint morning, the whole nine state islands in addition to forbidden ground in Nagasaki outside have already all fallen into China the troops' hand in,sweater 4 in Japan remains it three. Almost have never met to resist of take down nine state islands to make Li Chang Qing very happy, however is happy that Li Chang Qing of remaining also has some headache.Get into nine state islands in troops of China of inshore behind, some Japanese women who didn't in time escape are on his/her own initiative seldom dressed in of the clothes wait for China the troops' arrivals,plus size dresses they are frightened China to those early years of one Japanese burn to kill depredation, hope to protect one life with own body. Those young man that impetuous sees these all have some to accept to can not stand.For the sake of the whole Su military discipline,mens sweaters Li Chang Qing has to send an inspector brigade everywhere and forbids soldier and Japanese woman to establish relationship, which afraid is the other party to seduce them don't go as well. Quotation mark, the China navy opens to leave for to four country islands, at this time the battling of China intents already very of clear, China is much more than pure of because employ soldier and Japan battle, this is China to think exhaustive perdition Japan, beat whole territorieses in Japan. The international society also starts appearing a lot of to the news of the Chinas disadvantages, a lot of experts call the war this time as China of the war of revenge, with Chinaclose together, in history with China once had friction of person all should the Jing fear to and China h

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