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2011-11-16 09:44:00

City living versus Suburban living

When buying a home, it becomes a challenging decision for the buyers whether to choose a home in the city or in the suburbs. Let’s suppose that someone is very peace loving and enjoys a serene and tranquil environment. Can such a person easily live in the hustle and bustle of city life? Similarly, if someone is habitual to the fast city life, can such a person be expected to live comfortably in a suburban region? Well, the answer is probably no, and this is where it becomes difficult to settle upon a decision so as to where to buy a house. According to real estate residential experts, the key to solving this problem is to carefully consider the facilities available in the particular region-whether city or suburb- and then decide which place can best suit to individual needs. Here is a comparative analysis of city dwelling versus suburban living.


The first thing that must be considered when buying a home in either area is to assess the travelling distance, time and facility available. In this regards, the city dwellers are at an advantage because travelling within a city, whether via one’s personal transport or via public transport is very easy. The same becomes a tough job for those living in suburbs because travelling 25-35 miles from a suburban home to one’s work place in the city is a tough and painstaking job.

Size of the house:

Buyers who wish to live in bigger and more spacious houses usually opt to find a home in suburban areas. This is because in cities, population is dense and houses are closely built. People with large families can have an advantage if they are living in suburbs because of this trait. Suburban houses often have large yards and gardens as against urban houses, which are built on limited space.

Personal Tastes:

If a person is into partying, shopping, eating out and seeking recreational activities all the time, then city life could be the choice for such people. A city life offers a lot of facilities like parks and recreational points which most suburban neighborhoods do not have. But it is all about personal choice and a person’s lifestyle requirements which can become the best deciding reasons when opting for a home.

Choosing a restaurant location

For someone who is interested in opening up a restaurant, it is of immense importance to consider the location of the restaurants. Location is crucial to the success of a restaurant.  Here are few things to be kept in mind when choosing a restaurant location.

Population base

 It is necessary to analyze the surrounding population in the area one intends to open up a restaurant. If there are not enough people to support the business by visiting the restaurants, the business is not going to work. Ideal locations are centralized parts of the city, like a busy freeway or near a shopping center.

Parking lot

Restaurants that have their own parking area are always liked by people because they can conveniently park their cars and then can have their meals while relaxing.  People usually do not like visiting restaurants where they have to park their cars far away from the site of the restaurants or if the area is too congested for parking.  It is also good to have a public parking area near the restaurant where customers can park their cars.

Accessibility and visibility

The restaurant should be easily accessible to foot traffic as well as motorists. Those restaurants which are located on a freeway exit or on a highway receive many customers. It is also important to have the restaurant building visible to everyone so that new customers can try them out too.

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