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2010-12-03 18:17:48

Buying foreclosures in Oregon: Identify Load Bearing Walls

Buying foreclosures in Oregon is an interesting and profitable experience, but before you can even think about looking at major structural changes that will enhance the kind of money you will get back on a return, you might run into several kinds of roadblocks that include walls beams and other supporting structures.

This isn’t something that will just happen with Oregon properties either, you could be buying foreclosed homes for sale Syracuse NY and need to be sure that the wall you are about to move is not a load bearing wall which supports much of the weight of the overlying part of the house itself.

There are several different ways you can identify a load bearing wall, and if the house has a basement, you can go downstairs and find out what’s below the wall. If the wall above where you are standing has another wall above or below it, the wall above is probably load bearing.

When you enter the attic and determine whether the floor joists are running perpendicular to the wall below and find out that they are, that wall is supporting the attic floor. Finally if the floor joists are hidden, you need to chip away at some of the ceiling to determine if they run perpendicular to the wall in the foreclosed homes for sale Syracuse NY you are thinking of buying.

Once you have determined where these load bearing walls are, it’s a much simpler plan to make use of the existing space and knocking out some of the walls, and perhaps raising the ceiling often gives you the ability to combine a kitchen/living room and dining room to create one expansive living space.

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