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2010-12-02 16:58:16

Buying foreclosures in North Carolina

Some 4,818 N.C. homes were in foreclosure in October and that means there are some excellent opportunities for buying foreclosures in North Carolina on the foreclosure housing market today. There are many different types for you to choose from, and if you’re not interested in the foreclosed homes available in the southern states, you can look at foreclosed homes for sale Seattle.

There are even government homes that you can look at, and first time home buyers often finance these homes through federal government incentives primarily by way of the federal housing authority (HUD). The rules still apply here, and when a homeowner doesn’t make the mortgage payments, they can find themselves facing foreclosure.

HUD properties are often sold at market value or just below that volume, so they are not always the best deals available, and you need to assess the potential profits you can make with one of these houses when you’re buying foreclosures in North Carolina. There are other considerations you need to take into account like the fact you may need to purchase a home through a professional registered Real Estate agent and pay a sales commission.

It’s good to be aware of the fact that HUD sells homes to be owner occupied, in the sense you will need to live in the property for, at least, one year after making the purchase.

Keep in mind that sales of owner occupied homes are always sought after when some renovation work is done to bring the property up to full potential.

Like many other foreclosed homes that you find available on the foreclosure housing market, including foreclosed homes for sale Seattle, don’t forget that HUD homes are sold ‘as is’, so they may require some renovation work that can increase your equity and property value.

We’re and we have updated listings of foreclosures for sale, including foreclosed homes for sale Seattle.

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