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2012-04-12 15:10:48

Bill Gates Says They Are Frauds!

Bill Gates and his wife Malinda recently wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal about how there needs to be a new, different -- and dramatically better -- way of evaluating teachers.  His point was that under the current system, teachers are in an environment where they are not treated like professionals -- neither being held accountable for their job performance nor being given the necessary support and training that they need.


He notes, "At Microsoft, we believed in giving our employees the best chance to succeed, and then we insisted on success.  We measured excellence, rewarded those who achieved it and were candid with those who did not."


"...98% of our school teachers are rated 'satisfactory.' Clearly, rating systems that pass pretty much everybody are a fraud. Worse, such pass/fail evaluations don't give teachers enough feedback for improvement. So why would we ever expect them to get better?"


In other words, there are two pieces to the puzzle for success for any professional:


(1) Be sure you have the right training and information to be successful at what you do, and


(2) Hold yourself accountable for executing at the highest level.


In the real estate world, those who are "satisfactory" are failing.  You want to be part of the 2% who have surpassed satisfactory and won't accept less than outstanding.


I know most of you reading this don't have any issues about putting in the time, having the dedication or being a hard-worker.  If you don't have a successful system in place for how get great results consistently, though, it is difficult to hold yourself accountable to continue doing things that just aren't working.


So take a good look at your business and see how you would grade yourself on Bill Gates' two part professional evaluation scale. 


What grade would you give yourself?


What grade do you think Bill Gates would give you?


If you graded yourself in that 98% of people who are just "satisfactory," then it's time to shake up your business. 


Get some support.


Find out what you need to do.


Doing this is not to find out what you're not doing well, but to see if you need to make some tweaks so that you will kill it month after month...


You deserve be your own Bill Gates and get in that top 2%!


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Source: "Grading The Teachers" by Bill and Melinda Gates, Wall Street Journal,  10/22/11

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