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2010-12-01 17:42:13

Bidding wars hit foreclosures for sale New York


If you’re looking to get one of the foreclosures for sale New York that are currently available, a recent report in the Wall Street Journal tells you not to waste any time, because bidding wars are starting on some of the properties in America. The report says these bidding wars are a sure sign the housing market is improving and homes in San Francisco and New York are finding themselves caught up in these battles over the price of a home.

All across the nation, including lis pendens Columbus Ohio properties, a scare was sent into the foreclosure housing market some time ago when it was determined that foreclosure documents may have been improperly processed. When one considers the foreclosure home market has become part of regular home sales, it’s easy to see why the new reports about bidding wars hitting foreclosures for sale New York is a bit of good news that’s overdue.

It’s also a good idea to get some information on what you should be looking for as far as structure goes into any of these homes, including the lis pendens Columbus Ohio properties previously mentioned.

When you’re looking at interior walls, a careful inspection can tell a great deal about the condition of the house in general. Large cracks in plaster or drywall running diagonally over most of the wall surface give away serious structural problems that demand an expert’s eye. Even something as minor as faded or peeling paint and wallpaper can indicate right away the foreclosure you are looking at has been neglected for some time. Well before you get involved in foreclosures for sale New York and a possible bidding war, there are things you should be looking at to determine if the property you are interested in is worth pursuing.

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