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2007-09-05 07:12:00

Audio, Web, Video Conferencing Looms Large in Real Estate Markets

Brockmann & Company has released its latest independent, self-funded report on the role of face-to-face meetings and audio, web and video conferencing in the conduct of business in the finance, banking, legal, insurance and real estate industries. The repor, is entitled "Conferencing in Finance, Banking, Legal, Insurance and Real Estate Industries."

Peter Brockmann, President and Research Director of Brockmann & Company said, "Conferencing is important to business success. Users invest 25% of the time attending face-to-face meetings or using audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing technologies and services. This report is the first in a series to be published in the coming months on the practices and insights within various industry groupings."

In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data. 

Unified communications is an important part of every business workflow so providing insight on how conferencing products, services and features fit is a useful consideration for both vendors and users alike, as they contemplate their unified communications strategies. Some of the report findings include:

  • Audio conferencing is the most important conferencing service, even more important than face-to-face meetings
  • Half of the respondents would rather pay $83.33 to attend a video conference than drive 40 miles to a face-to-face meeting.
  • Better video conferencing quality is the most important factor in decision about video conferencing.

Brockmann added, "Despite being less important to job performance, the most frequent conferencing capability used in terms of total minutes for the finance, banking, legal, insurance and real estate markets was face-to-face meetings representing half of all time spent conferencing with more than two persons."

About Brockmann & Company

Brockmann & Company is a consulting & advisory firm serving high tech equipment & application vendors and service providers. Clients accelerate growth through customer research & thought leadership. Our motto: "In God we trust, all others bring data." 

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