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2010-12-23 06:52:30

Article-Tungsten Rings- A Perfect Choice For Your Man!

Tungsten rings wedding bands are just perfect for men. They are extremely durable and are very practical for man's lifestyle. Tungsten are one of the hardest metal found and are approximately 5 times harder than steel and four times harder than the titanium.

Men'stungsten ringis considered as the best for the wedding day as it is a long lasting and scratch free metal that will help in keeping the beautiful memories safe and alive forever. And one of the important fact about tungsten bands is that they put heavy feel on their fingers which will always remind your man that he is committed to you.

A tungsten ring will always be able to maintain its shiny and flawless surface for many coming years of your life. To have a polished and shiny look always, tungsten ring must contain carbide in it as some of tungsten rings are sold without carbide and hence, it is not scratch resistance. So, you should always buy tungsten from a reputed store where you are sure to get the carbide contained tungsten ring.

Reasons for why you should buy tungsten wedding bands:

•Strong and durable: If you are looking for a wedding ring that your man can wear everyday, then tungsten carbide rings are the hardest metal jewelry available. No matter whatever designed tungsten wedding band you choose, it will nearly be impossible to any dent or scratch.

•Brilliant finish: Those who have used tungsten wedding bands say that their finishing is more brilliant than ay other metal and they come in various contemporary designs.

•Easy on maintenance: Tungsten is a strong metal which does not need polishing . It is even more scratch-resistant than titanium.

•Hypo-Allergenic: Those men whose skin is sensitive, tungsten wedding rings are perfect choice for them because tungsten ringsis a hypo-allergenic metal. But do make sure the ring you buy is not processed with nickel or cobalt.

•Available in comfort fit: Tungsten wedding bands can be made in a "comfort fit" that means they will be curved on inside to fit comfortably on the finger. A comfort fit is important for the rings that are made out of harder metals like tungsten because they will not be wore like gold.


Other than extremely popular black and gold tungsten rings, there is also pink colored rings available. The colored tungsten rings are plated with zirconium coating to get the finish. Tungsten rings have made a style statement and are liked by many.

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Titan Trade Jewelry specializes in modern jewelry. The jewelries they offer are unique and are crafted with materials of new-generations. The jewelries they offer are of tungsten, silver, steel and ceramic. 

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