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2008-02-19 15:56:00

Allison James Estate and Homes Opens Doors in New States

James CrumbaughAllison James Estates & Homes, a company that is utilizing a national Internet-based business model, continues to add new states to its program. Since opening its first state in California on Oct. 1, 2007, the start-up company has added an additional 10 states to its operations.

“What a wild few months it’s been,” said company President Scott Chamberlin. “Our original goal was to be open in a couple of states by year’s end. But we were able to begin operations in 11 states with eight more under contract and expected to open soon. The growth has been spectacular.”

Considering the fact that we launched Allison James Estates & Homes at the very bottom of the worst real estate market in 30 years, the company's growth has been impressive. The product we offer was in demand by the real estate industry, Chamberlin said. “We’re recruiting all day, every day, and as a result we are now in a position to start making acquisitions.

“With all the closings of real estate companies that we have witnessed over the last few months, we have decided to make acquisitions a vital part of our growth plans. There is no reason that an owner that worked for years building his or her real estate company should end up losing everything because of the current market situations.”  

Chamberlin said that under Allison James Estates & Homes’ business plan, the company will continue to acquire both brokers and agents as more businesses go under, putting them into a position to offer any broker a way to continue to generate cash flow for the next three years.

We’re prepared to look at companies with several thousand REALTORS, and companies with as few as 15 REALTORS. We hope this message gets out to the real estate industry. We understand what these  brokers are facing and we hope to offer them some hope.”

With explosive growth in the number of states coming on-board, he explained, company executives knew they had to go outside the box to create the type of aggressive recruiting program they promised the brokers in those states. Their approach is designed around the corporate office being responsible for all the recruiting for the national company.

I originally conceived the idea 20 years ago when I was first recognized as one of the top recruiters in the country.  My belief at that time was if a company ever did all the recruiting nationally, that company would become the largest real estate company in the country in a very short time.

With the advent of the Internet, the fact that most REALTORS conduct business from their own home offices, and all the changes and volatility in the industry, the timing is ideal to design and execute a recruiting campaign nationally.

We currently are generating 1,800 calls per day with a goal of 3,600 calls a day within the next month.  Real estate professionals immediately see the advantage of keeping 100% of their commission for a flat monthly fee. It’s a no-brainer.

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