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2008-06-30 18:37:18

After 3 ½ Years of Selling Real Estate…

By Paul Morton, Coach with Rich Levin's Success Corps Inc.

I’ve sold over $10,000,000 worth of properties, all on my own, without being plugged-in anywhere, and with no favorable family ties, favorable connections or “secret” help. I’ve done it all on my own by gritting it out, working hard and facing the bloody landscape of direct stranger sales and by slowly cultivating the little group of people that I do know. That has to be a record somewhere.

That’s 100 deals, not including the listings that didn’t sell and the buyers I ran around with early on that didn’t pan out.

  1. I’ve learned the industry, good and bad.
  2. I’ve learned the contracts and most of the loopholes; I’ll only learn more as time goes on.
  3. I’ve learned a ton about market values and how to communicate them to sellers and buyers, like it or not.
  4. I’ve learned how to effectively deal with other agents, good and bad.
  5. I’ve learned that agents with far lesser skills than I are making a huge income, basically because they are just smart enough to do the basics of this business. And I’ve finally learned what the basics are.
  6. I’ve learned how brokers work, good and bad.
  7. I’ve learned a ton about what a motivated seller or buyer is and how to accept or abort their business.
  8. I’ve learned that bad credit means bad character in all but just a few cases. It’s a red flag.
  9. I’ve learned how much discipline, creativity and just plain guts it takes to do what I’m doing.
  10. I’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, in getting clients, servicing them and keeping them around for more business and referrals.
  11. I’ve learned that my business is all about and only about getting new clients, servicing them and keeping them around.
  12. I’ve learned the little things about running a business, like computers, staffing, supplies, etc
  13. I’ve learned that my daily work is primarily centered around investing a lot of time on the phone, sending out solicitations and being out in front of people, whether they be open houses, public events or just wearing a company pin, hat or shirt.
  14. I have learned I need unconditional support and have a wonderful Real Estate coach to guide me.
  15. I’ve learned how the schedule works, how to better use my time, how to avoid in most cases unnecessary evening and weekend work, and how to generally accept that this business will always entail some evening, weekend and unexpected work time. But I’m a business owner, a one-man show, and that’s how it goes. The rewards will exceed the bruises.
  16. I’ve learned the cycles of building a business, from market penetration, to growth, to the ultimate fulfillment of the “critical mass” stage and what that will mean to my income and enjoyment of the business.
  17. I’ve learned that in my case, for people like me, it takes five to seven years before I hit the stage of being able to count on income from past clients, marketing skills and just knowing how to do it.
  18. Most importantly, after all this time, I have learned and accepted that the past is the past, success is moving forward, rarely straight, and that all this learning and knowledge has created a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace. If I go out to the world with integrity and sound business practices, I can not only make a living at this, but I can excel far past my expectations in income and enjoyment of what I do.
  19. Finally, I have also learned that I indeed do have a flair for writing and teaching, and that I can someday use my blood, sweat and tears to make this business and experience much more enjoyable and profitable for someone else. I can turn my journey into an enormous benefit for others, and make a great living doing what I ultimately want to do: write and teach.

I finally feel like I have the complete package.  It took 3 ½ years of putting systems and habits into place. The results are occurring and I can see the future with rapidly increasing brightness. 

This article was written four years ago. Paul Morton has continued to succeed and is now a successful Real Estate Coach doing exactly what he wanted.

(Paul Morton, coach with Rich Levin’s Success Corps, started out his real estate career as a coaching client with Rich Levin. With the assistance of the Success Corps he sold over $3,000,000 in his first year. Since then, he has continuously been a top producer and has successfully managed new construction developments along with his regular business and coaching responsibilities. Paul believes that a foundation built on integrity; persistence and solid business practices can enable anyone to enjoy financial and personal success in their real estate practice.)

(Rich Levin is a nationally recognized Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.  His specialty is working with Real Estate Agents and Brokers taking them to their highest levels of production and performance in their business and in their lives. 
Rich Levin is President of Rich Levin's Success Corp.
Contact Rich at 585-244-2700 or

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