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Why are you in the real estate business?

Why are you in the real estate business?

To achieve financial Freedom has to be close to the top of your list.

Financial Planning is the key to Financial Freedom.

Financial Planning is a process which provides you with the means to ACT rather than REACT to your financial situation.

The process of Financial Planning integrates eight specific financial areas. They are:

1. General Personal and Financial Objectives

Enhancing your net worth through financial strategies which are congruent with your personal goals and consistent with your attitudes toward investing and tolerance for risk.

2. Protecting your accumulated assets from erosion caused by inflation.

3 Optimizing your cash flow over the planning period.

4. Preventing loss of capital by minimizing risk.

5. To maintain a comfortable standard of living (or exceptional standard of living) for yourself and family.

6. Achieving a better understanding of individual financial planning.

7. Maintaining sufficient liquidity to respond to unforeseen emergencies, or opportunities.

8. Coordinating and effectively managing your financial affairs.

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