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December 22, 2018

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs To Hire a Virtual Assistant

Your phone jolts you awake. It’s early Sunday morning and sleeping in is not an option. You have an open house this afternoon, a condo coming to market this week, some new CRM you’re supposed to learn, and your daughter has a soccer tournament. It looks like it will be another stressful weekend of shortchanging your family.

Or, Will It?

Help is on the horizon: your very own virtual assistant (VA).

You know what it’s like as a busy real estate agent. You’re juggling multiple clients, family obligations, new technology, uncooperative inspectors, and endless prospecting. It can feel isolating and overwhelming. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to go it alone. A virtual assistant is an experienced professional, usually in another country, who can help you with your business.

Let’s take a look at when you might want to use a virtual assistant.

When You Are Stuck With Stuff You Don’t Like Doing

Has that plumber come by to fix the leaky faucet in your Washington Street listing? Where is that termite report you ordered last week? Following up with contractors and inspectors is no fun. They’re hard to reach and love giving you the runaround. You don’t feel like hunting them down, but someone has to do it. Why not give the job to your VA?

Just send your virtual assistant a list of all the inspections and repairs, and they will follow up with the tradespeople. Why aggravate yourself tracking down an electrician when you can have your assistant do it for you?

When You Are Stuck With Stuff You Don’t Have Time To Do

Your open house is coming up. You need to produce flyers, order food, send an email blast, and launch a social media promotion for the big event. You could do all of that yourself, but that stuff takes time. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time taking your kids out for pizza or meeting new prospects over coffee?

MyOutDesk is the leading real estate virtual assistant firm. They’re one of the few VA companies that specialize in supporting agents and brokers, as they know first-hand what it takes to run a successful real estate business. Their VAs help out with prospecting, appointment setting, transaction coordination, MLS management, administrative support, marketing, accounting, and bookkeeping.

If you’re like most agents, you probably don’t have the time (or desire) to cold call prospects. Why not have a pro from a company like MyOutDesk do it for you?

When You Are Stuck With Stuff You Don’t Know How To Do

Virtual assistants are great at helping out with tedious, time-consuming, or painful tasks. Did you know that you can also employ expert VAs for complex functions?

For example, I’m writing a book about real estate technology. I love to write, but my drawing skills leave something to be desired. Rather than hire a local illustrator for a considerable fee, I found a great artist on the freelancing site Fiverr. He made beautiful drawings in just a couple of days, and it cost me less than a nice dinner. Fiverr is loaded with specialists who do all kinds of one-off projects including logo design and social media marketing; it’s worth checking them out.

You’d be surprised what virtual assistants can do. Daniel Ramsey, the CEO of MyOutDesk, said:

“We have a VA that runs the entire back-end of a five office real estate company. Not a single agent gets paid commission or closes a deal without our VA Teddy working the file.  They have a real estate CRM that is 100% run through our VAs.”

When Speed Is of the Essence:

We all know that time is money. That adage is especially true in today’s real estate marketplace. The competition is fierce and unrelenting. Not only do you have to deal with your competitors across town, but now you have to worry about iBuyers like Opendoor and Zillow Offers. No real estate professional can afford to waste time.

When a lead comes in, you need to act FAST. Michael Lam, CEO of leading real estate chatbot producer Kaydoh, said:

“Speed is paramount to real estate agent success. NAR research shows that 74% of real estate transactions close with the first agent the seller talks to.”

You spend a lot of time and money on lead generation, make sure that you’re positioned to move quickly on those leads. A virtual assistant (coupled with a chatbot) can screen leads immediately and nail down those prospects before your competitors do. VAs from companies like MyOutDesk understand lead qualification and will book your appointments. Don’t waste your lead generation efforts!

As a real estate agent, life yanks you in 50 different directions at once. As Gary Keller said in The ONE Thing, identify what’s most important and give it your undivided attention. The highest and best uses of your time are developing relationships, negotiating deals, and going to your daughter’s soccer game. Outsource the rest.

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