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August 30, 2018

The Price of Information Overload

Any organization or individual, serious about having a future by design instead of a future by default, must be able to deal with massive (and increasing) amounts of information in a fast-changing environment.

It is yesterday's news that enormous changes are taking place throughout the world. Anyone who tunes in to just about any media outlet can witness the change "live and up to the minute."

The problem is, few people know what to make of all of the random information presented in the media's context, and not their context.

So instead of knowledge being power, random knowledge is just information, and too much information leads to confusion (and a confused mind always says no).

In this age of nanosecond information exchange, most Americans seem to be buried under a mountain of random information, speculation, and opinion, without a clue how to sort the fact from the fiction or what to do with the facts once they do get sifted from the rest. How does one profit from this supposed information gold mine?

The secret is context. Text without context is a pretext.

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