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October 4, 2018

The New RealTown is Here!

To all of you who are members of our (RealTownRealTalk) "Cadre of Trainers and Educators," we want to have an open discussion about this project as we create (together) what we are generally referring to as...

"The Lesson Plan of the Future of the Real Estate Industry"

Most of you in our initial group are old friends and colleagues. Some are newer friends. As Kevin Kelly, the first editor of the Wired magazine said: "Nobody is as smart as everybody."

For sure, nobody is as smart in real estate as the cadre we are assembling! And we expect the cadre to grow.

On 4 separate occasions over the last 40 years, John and I have figured out the direction of the industry and worked hard to get out a little ahead of the change, so we could help bring that change to others in as painless a way as possible. Many of you helped us accomplish that mission.

The 4 Occasions Were:

1. Opening of the internet to commerce - The placing of listing on the internet and the creation of REALTOR® dot com - We were on the original team.

2. The acceptance of online training in the industry - Evangelizing the importance of learning technology to compete in the industry, and the importance of the Internet (and the creation of NAR's ePRO) - This was a 15-year effort and many of you were trainers for the program.

3. Syndication of listing data - Created Opt Out Syndication as CEO of Point2, and

4. Introduced and advocated for value of that MLS data as it related to data rights management
The concept that we are now pursuing, this adventure we are now on, working with as our platform, is the culmination of our careers.

Our intention is to bring the most benefit to the most people with all of the skills and assets we have accumulated working in this Industry for the last 40 years, we know we bring a context few can offer, and with your help, we plan to help you as well.

Now, after being in semi-seclusion for the last 3 years, we believe we see, as we believe many of you do as well, the framework for the Lesson Plan of the Future of the Real Estate Industry.

We want to work together with you, to create the lesson plan of the future before the future arrives. It should be easier this time around.

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