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November 12, 2018

The ABC's of Email, Who are you Sending To?

For better efficiency, the members of your team or workgroup should understand the fundamentals of addressing e-mail correspondence.

“To” addressee is the one to whom you are directing the communication or requesting action.
“Cc” addressee is receiving the e-mail for information purposes only and usually need not reply.
“Bcc” or Blind Carbon Copy (interesting that we use the paradigm of carbon paper in digital communication) is when you want someone to see a conversation, and you don’t want anyone to know that that person has received the e-mail.

Good use of Bcc is when you are sending an e-mail to a list of people, and you do not want to compromise their e-mail addresses in the "Copy" or the "To" box.
Perhaps these simple explanations seem too simple. However, you'd be surprised how often we see our email customer become confused about how these basic email functions work.

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