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Single Family Residence as an Asset Class...Part of the eventual iBuyer Model?

Single Family Residence (SFR) are fast being recognised as a very desirable Investment Asset Class and this will continue to impact the current evolution of the residential real estate industry into the foreseeable future.

What was once the American Dream could be giving way to an environment where individual ownership of a home grows out of the reach of many in a changing world, for a number of reasons as we continue to deal with problems of availability and affordability in many parts of the country.

From the National Rental Home Council (NRHC):
The single-family rental ("SFR") market comprises ~13% of all occupied housing and ~37% of the total rental market.
The institutionalization of this asset class has created an opportunity to scale a business that has traditionally been dominated by "Mom & Pop" owners who do not benefit from a regional or national platform and/or industry-level expertise.
While institutional investors have been active acquirers in recent years, their portfolios still represent just one percent of the total single-family rental market.

IBuyers may just be picking up inventory and not concerned with immediate resale, buying each property "right" by not paying a full commission.

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