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November 13, 2018

Permanent E-Mail Address

Your e-mail address is your identity on the Internet.

In This Case, Change is Bad

You want an e-mail address that does not change just because you change from one ISP to another or from one real estate company to another. Your ISP move may simply be a move from dial-up service to broadband (cable and DSL). Changing your ISP will force you to change your e-mail address unless you have your domain and have used it in conjunction with an e-mail account to create a permanent e-mail address.

When you change ISPs, you will receive a new e-mail address (often username at your new and a password. If you discontinue your previous ISP account, e-mail sent to your old ISP e-mail address (your old ISP username) will probably not be forwarded to your new ISP and will bounce back to the sender as undelivered or just be unreceived, and thus an unresponded to, e-mail. This may give the appearance that you are no longer in business - a negative and potentially costly impression. Also, you must now re-invest in all your marketing material, business cards, signs, stationery anything with the "old" e-mail address must now be destroyed and repurchased with the new e-mail address.

Never Switch on Your Clients

It doesn't make any sense to "train" customers and clients (your Sphere of Influence) to send an e-mail to an address that may not exist in the future. Since every piece of e-mail is a marketing piece, it makes sense to have your e-mail address in as many parts of e-mail as possible. You want to train your clients to send an e-mail to you at one e-mail address. Once you have a Permanent E-mail Address, you can change the return address in your e-mail software reflecting that e-mail address. It may sound like a little thing, but it is the little things that make a difference when working to differentiate yourself from the competition.

With a permanent e-mail address, all your branding efforts and dollars spent to create an e-mail presence will, over the years, create a cumulative result. Having a Permanent E-mail Address will prove much more cost effective than diffusing your marketing dollars over the years on e-mail addresses that no longer exist because you changed ISPs.

What’s the cost of lost business? When you change Internet service providers, your old e-mail address is no longer functional. You will not receive any e-mail sent to the old e-mail address. Not receiving all of your e-mail could be costly to you.

If the day after you change from one ISP to another, a past client sends you an e-mail requesting that you call them about listing their $3,000,000 home and you do not receive that e-mail, you cannot respond to the e-mail you do not receive and you will probably lose that business.

In addition to the cost of lost business, every time you change e-mail addresses, you will need to reprint your business cards and marketing materials. A minor cost when compared to the cost of lost business, but a loss nonetheless.

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