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November 14, 2018

Negotiating Tip 25: Ridiculous Offer – When We Give One

We might be wise to temper or soften a ridiculous offer before making it. 

What if we (or our client) want to make that low ridiculous offer?  

I can't say that this is a failed strategy.  I can say, however, that such an offer should pass through an analysis filter.  That filter is simply a question. 

"What would cause the party receiving my offer to accept or even seriously consider this offer?" 

If more people would use this filter, I'm convinced more productive negotiations would result.  An honest, seeing both sides, perspective would typically cause one to rethink that ridiculous offer before communicating it.

If the intent of this ridiculous offer is to 'send a message', then make the offer. 

If instead, it is to launch productive negotiations, one might want to better their offer or include a tempering introduction. 

Such a tempering introduction might sound like, "I've not been able to find anything in the marketplace that supports your price and I hope that this proposal, while aggressive, will lead to more discussion."  

This approach is most effective in providing a calmer reception to a seemingly ridiculous offer.  It's likely to still be insulting, but at least a justification has been provided.

It's really this simple.  It's legal to make ridiculous offers.  It's certain that they'll occur.  The real key is the ability to move beyond the likely insult potential and create an environment for future negotiations. Think twice and use this filter before you consider making a ridiculous offer.  That strategy will serve you well as you KEEP Negotiating.

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