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September 11, 2018

Ideas For the Outline of the "Lesson Plan for the Future"

John Reilly and I know many very talented and knowledgeable people, many of whom we have worked with for years in the realm of education, training, and delivery of knowledge to real estate professionals across North America. We also have had the pleasure to meet and get to know many of the best real estate brokers and agents in the country as we have delivered the technology message to the Industry since 1994. John and I know that we have the ingredients to create something very different, and that is the plan. The National Virtual Real Estate Community.

Calling All Hands, Now Hear This!

We are calling on them, our friends, and on you, if you want to contribute, to help us create a "context" for all of the "content" being thrown your way today, in an industry that will experience a paradigm shift over the next eight years. We will work to create new channels of information, providing speed, convenience, and choice to our all interested in listening.

Get ready for the future now by working with us on RealTalk here on Facebook. If you know of any real estate professions who would benefit, or who can contribute to this effort with their knowledge and expertise, please do ask them to join.

Now, you might think that by the time we figure out the Lesson Plan for the Future, the future will have come and gone!

Not to worry, John Reilly and I are still teaching some of the same technologies we created and taught 25 years ago...things move fast, but not that fast :-)

OK, back to the subjects for the outline so far. It will be improved, sorted and categorized, and we have a lot more specifics to add, but here is what we have so far:

Personal Finance
Sales Skills
License Law
Employment Models/Compensation Models
Brokerage Models
Generational Differences
Consumer Preferences
Government Aspects
REALTOR® Organization
Business Management
Time Management
Social Media 
Database management

Let this marinate.

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