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June 1, 2018

How to Succeed in Real Estate Sales - Primer - Fundamental 3

How to Succeed in Real Estate Sales - Primer

Fundamental 3:

Residential Real Estate Sales is a “Business of Relationships”.

Relationships are built and maintained through engagement.

Engagements move you one step closer to or away from the next step in the sales cycle. Understand when to engage and the methods of engagement.

Relationships progress or decay, all based on “Engagements.”

There is a well-documented path from Stranger to Satisfied Home Seller or Buyer. Follow the path.

We used to joke that we were “real estate morticians.” We threw strangers into the back seat of our cars and “drove them around until they were dead.” While the internet has changed this to a degree, the fact is, it describes the dream of many a real estate professional, to go build a relationship with a Stranger and help them become a Homeowner/Seller. This is the essence of what we once referred to as an “Up Call.”

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