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December 28, 2018

How to Build Your Email Database

Building your email database. This is elementary to many but worth repeating for newer folks.

To conduct e-mail marketing campaigns, you will need e-mail addresses.

Ask for e-mail addresses at every opportunity. Just asking for someone's e-mail address says something positive about you.

Another differentiator is to ask people for the best way to reach them. Most real estate professionals do not even ask for an e-mail address let alone the best way to reach a person. If effective communication is important to you, then you want to know the best way to reach your client.

For many today, that method is not the telephone, but e-mail (and texting, and messaging). Asking the questions says something positive to those clients and customers who are e-mail communicators.

Ask for e-mail addresses at:

Open Houses- create a column in your Open House Guest Register. Often people are reluctant to give you a phone number, and they may be less reluctant to give you an e-mail address. When someone does give you an e-mail address at an Open House, they have, in effect, told you what type of property they are interested in, the neighborhood they are interested in, the price range, architecture, etc. You can now drop this e-mail address into your automated MLS search and communication functionality, providing the prospect with new listings when they are entered into the MLS database which, of course, puts your name in front of them one more time (you can't put your name in front of people too many times in this business).

Voice Mail- Change your voicemail message to ask for a return telephone number and a return e-mail address, and the best way to reach the caller. Again, just asking says something about you. Remember, it is the little things, all added up, that makes the difference.

Start collecting addresses now. It is as easy as a right-click. The right click method will also avoid misspellings as you transfer information into the address book. In Windows-compatible software, whenever an e-mail comes in, place the cursor over the name of the person in the header and click the right mouse button to open the menu for that item. One of the selections will be similar to "Add to Contacts." This will place the information in your Address Book.

Other people are using this method to put YOUR e-mail address into their e-mail address book. You want to make sure that the return address set in your e-mail software is the one you want people to have your permanent e-mail address.

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