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October 1, 2018

Financial Freedom: And the Car You Drive to Sell Real Estate

Achieving Financial Freedom for most, is about what you do with the money you earn over your entire working lifetime. Small amounts saved grow into large amounts when compounded over long periods of time.

Considering Your Car

What type of car should a real estate professional drive? It is a question often asked on Facebook real estate groups.

The answer is simple, drive a clean, late model car you can afford. Remember, you are trying to achieve Financial Freedom over your working career.

Consider all of the costs, from registration to insurance (year after year), not just the lease payment (which is not a smart way for many to finance their transportation).

It is ok to drive a $100,000 car? Sure, if you can truly afford a $100,000 car. Otherwise, don't give the idea that you must present an "image" a second thought.

It is you that brings value to the transaction, not the car.

You are projecting an image when you drive an expensive car, and not necessarily a good image for many people. People will think more of you if you are practical, and not showy and ostentatious.

When I see someone driving a car I think they might not be able to afford, it says more negative about them to me, than positive.

It doesn't say "Class." It says, "Ignorant about money." It says they are foolish when it comes to personal finance, or young and immature.

One reason many fail to achieve Financial Freedom is they buy the wrong cars, too often.

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