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October 2, 2018

RealTown Presents: A Cadre of Trainers

To all of you who are members of our (RealTownRealTalk) "Cadre of Trainers and Educators." 

A Call for Participants

John and I have lots to discuss with you (hopefully a little each day), as we work to build what has been in the planning and development stages since 1995 (more on that later, in as much detail as you would like).

We will use RealTown's RealTalk Group here on Facebook to develop Online Communities of Specific Interest as we move into the future.

The first and most important online community to develop, the foundation, is this one, our "Cadre of Trainers and Educators,"

Together we will leverage our content, contacts and thousands of years of relationships to build a resource for the Industry, and a place for all of us to pursue our passions in real estate, and capitalizing on the fact that "Nobody is as smart as everybody," especially when it comes to real estate and the group of people we are working to bring together.

As stated, part of our current mission is to develop the "Lesson Plan of the Future for the Real Estate Industry."

To that end, I am posting on FB to 4 major real estate groups beyond RealTalk (LCA, LCA Broker Addition, Real Closers, and New Agents) each day,

Topics of Interest

Currently, the posts are in the following core areas, all relevant to future conversations:

Personal Finance
Industry Community - Association Building of the Day 
An Area of Substance/Best Practices etc.

These core components will grow as we expand the conversation and help prepare for, those who are willing to listen, a roadmap to their possibilities and possible future in real estate.

Trainers and Educators, John Reilly will be calling for articles soon. Get ready! And thanks for coming along!

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