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November 8, 2018

“Advance to Go, Collect $200”

As you traverse and experience the monopoly board of life, let RealTown® serve as your “Go.” 

Tackling Disruption in Real Estate

The Real Estate sales space is in the process of disruption, creating a musical chairs effect for industry professionals, where will you be when the music stops? 
Where, and to whom, will you, the real estate professional, turn for help as you navigate your real estate career? 

Somewhere between your brokerage affiliation and your relationship with Organized Real Estate (National, State, and Local Associations), there is a void.

RealTown® fills that void with conversation and resource Conversation on Facebook (and soon, conversation on RealTown®), and searchable, informed resources available on RealTown®

There is no voice to for the masses who are “awakening online” in newly created groups. But Groups are not Communities. It takes leaders to move groups to the level of Community.

Key Questions

What is the RealTown® Secret Sauce?

  • Saul Klein and John Reilly and RealTown’s® IP.
  • RealTown’s® next goal in the online revolution is navigating Groups to Community.

What is our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal – Good to Great)?

  • Creating the number one Real Estate Online Community and branching from there into all aspects of people’s lives.

How will we achieve your goals?

  • With your help, We will learn together.
  • A new way to socialize and collaborate must be mastered by everyone. It takes human intervention at this point.

What is RealTown®?

  • RealTown® is the oldest continuous online real estate community in the real estate industry.
  • Development, participation, and influence dating back to 1995 and the Launch of the REALTORS® Information Network® (RIN) and Realtor.COM.
  • is the Internet portal that features everything that is real estate and personal financial related, without the listings (Yet?).
  • RealTown® is the Network Effect on steroids
  • RealTown® is focused on the development of User-Generated and Moderator Generated and “Enhanced” Content.
  • RealTown® taps into the pool of undiscovered talent more afraid of anonymity than copyright infringement.
  • RealTown® utilizes its Wisdom of the Crowds Concepts to act as the “top of the funnel” and deal flow of industry tech opportunities for RealTown Labs and provide a market for its ventures.

RealTown® finds the most relevant and robust online communities and blogs

  • Reviews, and offers the best options for RealTown® users.
  • Captures relevant social media commentary for inclusion on RealTown®
  • Community Created Content
  • Moderator Created/Facilitated Content
  • Trusted Advisors to Volunteer and Association/MLS Staff Leadership Credibility

Other Factors

  • Goodwill
  • Established Affiliates and Relationships
  • Customer Data Base of over 3000 accounts and AGR of $250,000, all recurring
  • Intellectual Property – 80 years combined Industry Knowledge/Expertise
  • 22 Years of Real Estate Online Community Experience, publishing every day
  • Technology Evangelists/Speakers 
  • Involved History with

Process of Building Community 

  • The Seven Cs:
  • Content
  • Context
  • Congregate
  • Conversation
  • Collaboration
  • Culture
  • Community

John and Saul

  • Original Internet Evangelists/Speakers for NAR and Responsible for first listing contracts between MLSs and First 500,000 listings on
  • Extensive knowledge of NAR Mandate for subscriber sharing of MLS Data
  • Authors of Real Estate Technology Guide and The Language of Real Estate currently in its Seventh Edition, published by     Dearborn Publishing
  • Association Leadership Expertise
  • Association Management Expertise
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation for associations and MLSs, and a 12-year history helping hundreds of associations and         MLSs create and implement plans
  • Technology – created first industry IDX solution and first domain online transfer system
  • Created first domain online transfer system
  • Created secure online voting for Associations and MLSs
  • Saul Klein and John Reilly, AKA RealTown® is trusted and recognized Brands in the real estate industry with ties and influence that runs through all aspects of the industry. 
Our history indicates people should pay attention to our prognostications. We were right about:
  • Listings online (
  • Online learning (epro)
  • Listing Data Distribution (syndication)
  • Data Licensing Agreements

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